Slate Coffee Roasters

Slate Coffee Roasters is one of the biggest coffee names in Seattle, Washington. Anyone who knows coffee in Seattle knows Slate and there's a reason for it. They're amazing.


Slate was founded in 2011 and from that moment this family-owned roaster has pursued the highest of quality. They found that the best way to do so is through collaboration; collaboration through the producers of coffee, wholesale partners, suppliers, their communities, and as far as their guests. 

The focus in terms of their roasting process is to bring about and highlight the unique flavors of the bean without over roasting. Slate believes in lighter roasts because they allow people to distinguish the flavors, processing, varieties, and regions of the coffee they roasted. What they aim for is to have their guests enjoy the nuances of each unique roast and continuously grow and bring the best roasts possible.


Slate also focuses on providing unique and intriguing ways to enjoy classics like their deconstructed espresso with milk. A super interesting way to enjoy espresso or a latte, plus they're served in wine glasses so you can pretend that you're classy while drinking it.

From start to finish you can be sure that the Slate team will provide you with some of the most amazing coffee roasts you'll ever try in your life. When you head for a visit at any of their locations you will walk away with a belly full of amazing coffee and a smile on your face. 

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