Onyx Coffee Lab

Onyx Coffee Lab is one of those coffee Roasters that I feel every coffee enthusiast should know about or should have heard about. If you haven't, well here's an opportunity to learn a bit about this amazing roaster.

They started in Arkansas in 2012 with the dream to serve an exceptional cup of coffee; however, it's really difficult to do so when no one knows who you are. So they did what they could to differentiate themselves from the coffee shop next door, serving up coffee through Siphons, Kyoto Cold brew towers, as well as offering weekly cupping classes. All this was an effort to get the customer engaged in the coffee process while making a name for themselves.

Over time they were able to make the connections needed to run the kind of roastery/coffee shop that they wanted to. One that focuses on the quality of green beans from specific sources, which will allow them to roast the beans to a point where they are extracting the proper flavor profiles wanted, and then leads to brewing methods that highlight those flavor profiles fully.

They realized early on that it's not enough to just brew a coffee well but having control over the entire process from farm to cup gave them the ability to provide customers with some of the best cups of coffee they'll ever have, consistently. 

Photo By: @onyxcoffeelab

From the day they started to now they have focused on one thing, excellence. Whether that's excellence in the roast, excellence in the brewing method, or excellence in the service they have and strive continuously to be excellent in all things they do.

This is because they want the customer to trust that they have their best interests at heart and want to ensure the customer has a great experience no matter how they enjoy Onyx coffee. Whether you buy a bag online, in store, or a cup of coffee from their shop you can be sure it'll be some of the best coffee you'll have in your life. 

Onyx offers a wide array of roasts, including multiple single origins and some fantastic blends that you need to try. I personally have tried a handful of different roasts from them (mainly because I'm not about to fly to Arkansas to try it first hand although I'm tempted) and they are some of the best flavor profiles I've tried in my life. So it's basically an Alfred Drinking Coffee guarantee that you'll enjoy any of their coffees. 

Don't believe me? Try it for yourself and let me know what you think!


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