Mogiana Coffee


It is one thing to know about the coffee you're drinking; the origin, the flavor profile, the best brewing method, but it's something else entirely when you know the origin of the roastery, the farm, the family, and how they became what they are now. The story of Mogiana Coffee starts in the late 1800's when the owner's great great grandmother settled in the Mogiana Valley with her four children.


They spent years working the land, eventually becoming experts are producing the finest Quality of Arabica Coffee. These practices and expertise were passed down from one generation to the next and allowed for this small valley of Brazil to produce a cup of coffee that embodies the traditions and values of the generations past. 

Amazing right? Ok well lets fast forward to what they're up to now. What Varietal of Arabica coffee do they currently provide you may be asking yourself; well let me tell you, its Bourbon Coffee.


Bourbon Coffee for those of you that don't know is a full body, low acidity, and filled with profound aromas and a ridiculously smooth finish.

Given the Extremely delicate plant that the Bourbon bean is derived from, it needs enough rain, a ton of sunlight and needs to be kept in a high altitude. To ensure the quality the Mogiana team do everything manually on the farm from planting to harvesting to drying. This guarantees a fully handcrafted single origin that will stand the test of time. 


Now something that really sets them a part from other farms and roasters is their sustainability efforts. The farm is not just a business but it is home to 50+ families. These families have built a sense of community and its important to the Mogiana family that they keep that sense of community alive. They provide housing for the farm workers and their families free of charge, and have built a church, a health clinic, a school, a social club for gatherings and they've even set up a soccer field on the land. 

They have also set up initiatives to reduce their carbon footprint by installing a turbine and generator back in the 1950's at the farm to harness the natural power of the nearby waterfall. This alone allows them to run operations of the farm off that power for 11 months out of the year. 

Mogiana Coffee has done all they can and continue to do all they can to ensure that not only are they providing you, the coffee enthusiast, with a sublime cup of coffee but to ensure that they are providing more than just a fair price for coffee to the individuals, families and communities directly involved in providing that sublime coffee.

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