Coava Coffee Roasters

The last time I visited Coava Coffee Roasters was back on my trip to Portland, and from that trip it has been on my mind so I needed to share this wonderful coffee roaster with you all. But in order to do it justice I need to start from the beginning.

Photo by: @coavacoffee

Coava started in a garage in 2008. Matt Higgins, a veteran barista and roaster having spent years in specialty coffee, had a dream of starting his own company that would roast coffees that would excite professional baristas and everyday drinkers alike. He knew from the start that in order to make this dream a reality he had to start with sourcing exceptional coffee, because that is the foundation on which any excellent coffee company is built.

So he went out and sought farmers that were committed to producing quality crops. Although the years were difficult to start, Matt was able to lay the groundwork for Coava and work on many long-standing partnerships with farmers that still exist to this day. 

So why is this so important to note? Well first it shows that perseverance can lead to great things, but also that from the start Coava was focused on the highest quality and has been able to uphold that standard to this day. Coava is viewed as one of the premier coffee roasters in the United States and with hard work, experience, and persistence have been able to maintain that level of quality they sought out those many years ago.  The Coava team has done a little growing since that garage in 2008 and now has 5 locations in the United States (four in Portland and 1 in San Diego) and ships coffee around the world. 

Photo by: @coavacoffee

Their shops (or at least the ones that I visited) are simplistic in nature, the staff are super friendly, and honestly the coffee speaks for itself. I had maybe 4 or 5 different cups of coffee from Coava as well as brought 3 bags of coffee home with me and every cup I had was better than the last. Bright flavors, full-rich bodied coffees, and complex finishes that help Coava stand out. There is a reason that in a city like Portland, Oregon where coffee is life and specialty coffee is drunk more than water, that Coava has managed to make a huge name for themselves. 

Photo by: @coavacoffee

If you are ever in the Portland area or heading down to San Diego, and want yourself a great cup of coffee, be sure to check out Coava Coffee Roasters. You will never regret it, and that's an Alfred Drinking Coffee guarantee.

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