Big Iron Coffee Co.

Big Iron Coffee Co. is based out in Colorado and already I know what you're thinking..."what does Colorado know about coffee?" or maybe something along the lines of "Alfred stop thinking you know what we're about to's getting a bit ridiculous". Well to answer the first question, they know a lot apparently because these roasts are phenomenal. The whole idea behind Big Iron started a few years earlier and a few miles away (over 1,200 miles to be exact) in Portland.


Nina and Bowen, the owners of Big Iron Coffee Co., met in Brooklyn, NY a few years back. Bowen had been working in the photography industry and Nina was working at Bowen's favorite bar at the time. Around that time Bowen was getting ready to move to Portland, OR. and Nina was also getting ready to hike the Appalachian Trail. Eventually both decided to move together to Portland. 

After about a year they were exhausted by city life and were thinking of what they should do next. Bowen was a barista in College and had loved the time he spent in the coffee shop, so that was how the idea of starting a coffee business first came to fruition. They did some training in Portland (a huge coffee hub) and eventually moved to Steamboat Springs, CO, close to where Bowen grew up, and settled down there. 

Steamboat Springs itself is a ski town but has a strong Western Heritage which was shaped by the native Ute people and cowboy cultures. The focus of Big Iron is not only to bring specialty coffee to Steamboat but to also share a bit of Steamboat's Western vibe with those that drink their coffee. The best way Bowen and Nina have found to achieve this was to keep coffee fun and not taking things too seriously, and making sure fun vibes are had throughout the entire coffee process from making it to drinking it.

The Coffee

photo by: @bigironcoffee

I got the opportunity to try three different coffee's from Big Iron: The Gatare, Los Gigantes, and the Reserva Beirut. I would do the coffee's a disservice if I didn't do a full review of each, so here it goes:

1. Gatare: This roast from the minute you open the bag you are engulfed in an aroma of fruits. With strong notes of peach and berry with a mild undertone of Melon, this Rwandan coffee allows for a blending of fruity notes that offers a full body, a silky smooth flavor, and strong finish.

2. Los Gigantes: This Guatemalan Medium roast coffee offers a strong initial note of cherry, with a tone of graham cracker and a sweetness that can only be an undertone of honey. This balance offers a sweet flavor, a medium body, and a refined finish.

3. Reserva Beirut: A Peruvian Medium roast, this coffee has a rich floral aroma with a sweet note of peaches and a tone of honey which allows for a lighter body, a crisp flavor and velvety smooth finish.

Each of the roasts that I tried provided a distinct but equally flavorful cup of coffee that are each worth trying in their own right. If you don't believe me try them out for yourself and order from their site here


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