Regard Coffee

Located in an unassuming strip mall, Regard Coffee is certainly no strip mall coffee- they're doing something really special over there.

Walking in, you'd think you were in some hip district in a big city- they've got that kind of vibe going. It's a small space, but they certainly make the most of it. While there isn't ample seating inside, we were able to snag a corner bench for our visit. The two guys behind the counter were great, both very friendly and very knowledgeable about coffee. This also translated well to their drink making abilities.

We picked a great day to check them out (their 5th anniversary) which meant I got a cappuccino on the house which was a pleasant surprise not only because it was free, but it was, and I'm not exaggerating, the best cappuccino I've probably ever had.

For starters, it had solid foam, an important trait for a cappuccino. It didn't weigh the beverage down like I've found sometimes, but it also wasn't non-existent either- it was the perfect middle ground. The star of the drink was definitely the espresso, it was incredible! So incredible in fact that it convinced me to buy some beans. There were notes of dark chocolate along with a hint of nuttiness to it as well. Near the end, I also got a hint of caramel too which really rounded it out nicely. Overall, it was very smooth, creamy, and incredibly delicious.

Thanks for that, Regard!

My name is Matt Krause. Prior to starting Matt’s Coffee Chat in August of this year, I spent six and a half years in the coffee industry as both a barista and a cafe manager. I decided to leave the industry this past June and felt in need of something to fill the void that was left in me from being around coffee all the time. Thus, my blog was born. Matt’s Coffee Chat aims to promote both local independent coffee shops and roasters using my years of experience and knowledge that I gained from my time in the industry.

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