New York City's Best Cold Brew

Asaf Edelstein
I'm 23 living and barristaing in New York city

Best cold brew in NYC

Summer or winter some of us coffee fanatics can’t resist a refreshing cup of cold brew coffee,there's just something special about getting a big ol’ cup full a delicious coffee filled with so many different flavors that no espresso can get to. Weather you're sitting down to relax or taking in the subway on the go, cold brew has this almost magical way to fit in any situation.

But there's nothing worse than getting a cup and finding out how watered down or bitter it is, so i went on NYC journey to make sure you always get the best one. Here’s some spots in the best city in the world for them.


But first! what is cold brew?

Cold brew is grounded coffee beans steeped in cold water for a time period of 16 to 24 hours. The long brewing period allows the water to extract the full body and flavor out of the beans while remaining in a cold temp’.

Brooklyn Roasting Company

Brooklyn Coffee Roaster Ice Coffee

Photo by: @brooklynroasting

With great combination of nuts and mocha coming from brazilian and colombian beans, this cold brew really has a kick to it. Smooth nuttiness yet a bit dark flavor from the roast with not too much acidity,

Overall great if you enjoy more of a dark roast flavor and nuts. Go get a cup and enjoy their beautiful shop either in midtown or Brooklyn.

Birch coffee

In a word, chocolate heaven. This coffee comes with a great dark chocolate flavor throughout,and coming from a lighter roast there's pleasant sweet acidity that really evens out the chocolate with a nice fruity flavor, so refreshing!

Head on over to one of their 10 locations, give the barista your name for the cup and enjoy one of the best in the city!

Everyman espresso

This one is for my peanut butter fans, yes that's right, this brew has a very strong peanut buttery flavor a bit salty to start a nice transition to more walnuts and a sweet cherry raisin flavor with mild acidity to finish.

Brooklyn or the city? they are located in both! go have a taste!

Milk & Pull

Cold Brew

Photo By: @milkandpull

Located in Bed stuy in Brooklyn this is the smallest shop on our list. Nonetheless this cold brew talks a big game, strong fruit flavor that comes with a nice dark sweet finish. Dark roast or light roast? this brew sits in the centre, a bit of acidity to start followed by almond blueberry sweetness and a bit of a dark flavor finish.

Go enjoy their lovely independent shop in historical Bed stuy.

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