Jodie's Joint

By: Anna Trokova 



Cafe, conversations and creative ideas in the streets of Kensington Market, downtown Toronto. 

Photo By: @jodiesjoint

Taking in the culture & vibes of Jodie’s Joint (235 Augusta Ave).  A cool cafe find.  And yeah, it’s exactly what you’re thinking!  

What’s in a name anyways?  Of course I had to make my way and find out who’s behind this joint, decorated with hemp walls, hemp fabric seat covers and photographs of marijuana plants.   Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back!  

This Joint, belongs to Jodie herself.  And what an intelligent beauty.  Originally from BC, Jodie Emery is a Canadian cannabis rights activist and politician.   She’s also married to a politician, Marc Emery.  They were both co-owners of Cannabis Culture, a business that franchised pot dispensaries.  And that’s not all, they also operated Cannabis Culture magazine and Pot TV.  Jodie’s curriculum vitae is astonishing.  Aren’t you glad I asked!  

The cafe opened its doors about 4 months ago, shares Steve, the Aussie that Manages the Joint.  I remember this cafe under another name.  Steve confirmed it was Casa Coffee, although closed.  I recall the cool table top long bar that parallels the street.  So happy Jodie kept this unique long bar looking outdoors through the ginormous windows onto the streets of Kensington.  She definitely expanded the space and brightened it up. 

Photo By: @jodiesjoint

I love the long comfortable cushion couches and seating arrangements.  You can sit alone on the bar stools, but if you’re anything like me, you’ll cozy up with random people on the long couches and strike random chats.  Wifi access is always great too in case no one wants to talk to you. 

Today, an elderly lady approached me for money to buy herself lunch. Typically I’d rather buy the lunch so I’m certain she’s eating.  Today, I was feeling generous and handed over cash to her.  I told her once she buys her food, to please come back and join me to eat it. Didn’t happen.  

I love accents, especially Australian because it reminds me of all my cousins in Aussie.  Pretty cool chatting with Steve, Manager of this Joint.  He asked if I was on Instagram - Yup, The Bulb Chronicles.  He shared the most unique blogger of this guy, ‘Alfred drinking coffee’, Accountant by day. Every pose is the same; same expression, same face (your typical Accountant) although I believe this guy drinks more coffee!! His photos:  Holding a coffee mug and wearing colourful Ts.  It just made me smile.  Pretty serious looking guy, yet funny, what a brilliant character.  We must collaborate our coffee culture, East Side meets West Side. 

So, let’s talk Joints.  What do you know about Cannabis?  

1. Ontario passed the Cannabis Statute Law Amendment Act (Oct 2018) 

2. Cannabis is legalized across Canada (Oct 17 2018)

3. Ontario private retail model to be established (by April 1, 2019). 

Did you know the only place that you can buy recreational cannabis is online through the Ontario Cannabis Store (  

Now that recreational cannabis has been made legal by the federal government, there are many new rules to keep people safe.  Read more about it and the rules at

Photo By: @jodiesjoint

Ready, set, go?  Is Ontario ready for this?  What’s our hometown of Stouffville’s take on this? I sense a debate coming.  Maybe we can invite Jodie to our town for a chat? 

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