The Beautiful Birch Coffee

The Shop

Photo by: @birchcoffee

Established in 2009 by two local guys, Birch coffee is located in NYC and has grown in that time from 1 shop to 10 stores across Manhattan. By personalizing the cup of coffee with your name, kindness and a smile, Birch baristas make you feel right at home.

The Coffee

With a base of ristretto (a short shot of espresso which is extracted with half the amount of water of a normal shot) for every cup that's extracted from their carefully thought out blend of beans they roast on their own, birch offers a wonderful balanced flavor with a dash of acidity, you will taste fruitiness, subtle nuttiness, and dark chocolate.

Photo by: @birchcoffee

The menu options are large and you can choose your way through a traditional espresso to a cortado to a lovely latte to get your day going.

They also offer a great choice of non dairy milks (my favorite is oatly's oat milk)

And a great variety of pastries (try the carwash donut!) to go with your cup of joe .

The Environment

Once you step inside you can hear the music playing throughout the shop, each shop provides you a little public library and a fun choice of board games to play with your friends.

With plenty of sitting room and always a great view of the busy New York street it's the perfect time to take a moment to relax.

So No matter which neighborhood you're In, from the financial district to the upper west side, there's always a shop for you to come in and enjoy a good cup of coffee.

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