Zodiac Coffee Roasters

The Company

The concept behind Zodiac Coffee Roasters is based off the main elements: Air, Earth, Water, Fire, each of which reflected in the roasts offered by Zodiac. Their focus is to have their coffee used as an educational tool. They would want their roasts to help people discover how the different roasts bring out different flavors or experiences when drinking. Not only are they hoping the roasts bring about these experiences but also hope that the experience itself will help the individual gain some introspection and allow them to understand themselves a bit more....in terms of the coffee they like at least. 

By choosing to keep their blends consistent, while adjusting to the seasons to keep the coffee fresh year-round they are doing all they can to keep the flavor standard. Their coffee can be appreciated by not only the seasoned coffee drinker but is developed to also provide the common coffee drinker with a good tasting cup of coffee.

The Coffee


Zodiac Coffee Roasters created four signature blends that I was able to try. Each of the blends are named after the four elements (Air, Earth, Water, Fire), and each blend is also meant to mirror the element it is named after:


the lightest of the four roasts. This blend had a balance between both nutty and chocolate notes, and offers a sharp acidity that contrasts the balanced notes. 


This is the medium to dark roast, which offers subtle notes of nuts and an undertone of cocoa. This allows for a full body, and a rich finish.



This is their medium roast blend that offers notes of spices and tones of tropical fruits, which allows for a smooth flavor and finish.


This is their Dark roast. Unlike most dark roasts that are rather bitter, this blend allows for the bittersweet chocolate note to overpower the roasted flavor and offer a rich body, silky texture and smooth finish.


Each of the roasts uses beans that are sourced from East Africa, Central and South America, as well as the South Pacific. The focus with the elements is to allow for you to focus on immersing yourself in your environment and enjoy the coffee that best suits where you are and what you're doing.

Anyone interested in trying out this coffee for themselves, use the Promo Code: "AlfredShips" for free shipping on all orders.


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