Why you should visit Tampa for the coffee alone

So as you may or may not know I was recently in Tampa and obviously I had to check out the local coffee shops to make sure that their coffee is up to Alfred Drinking Coffee standards, because obviously that's the highest standard of coffee. I was definitely not disappointed; the coffee was absolutely amazing and I wanted to share the experience with you all. 

Buddy Brew

photo by: @buddybrewcoffee

I landed in Tampa and was first taken to Buddy brew in Hyde Park. First of all lets just take a moment to acknowledge that cold brew is on tap everywhere in Tampa, and Buddy Brew had that and more. A specialty roaster in the heart of Tampa, these guys know a thing or two about coffee. 

Rating: Good

DI Coffee

 A quaint little coffee shop where you walk up to the bar from just outside, order a coffee (usually iced because its ridiculously hot in Tampa) and you just relax outside. 

Photo by: @dicoffeebar

Rating: Quaint

Bandit Coffee

This cool little coffee shop in St. Petersbourg roasts some interesting combinations of flavors, to the point where I couldn't say not but to bring back a few bags home with me. The shop I went to had a communal table so you can sit and enjoy coffee with the group you're with or spark up a conversation with the person next to you.

photo by: @banditcoffeeco

Rating: Interesting 


 A nice little shop with a solid coffee selection and they offer some delicious food options in case you want to sit around and eat something while enjoying your coffee. Definitely worth checking out for your morning coffee run.

photo by: @caffeineroasterstampa

Rating: Nice


This coffee shop was simple and elegant at the same time. They have an open space inside to enjoy your coffee, but they also have an open space in the back to enjoy your coffee in the sun. Also, I know I'm supposed to be reviewing the coffee (which was amazing by the way) but they have a waffle maker behind the bar so that they can make you a waffle to order!!! What goes better with your coffee than a freshly made waffle? Nothing, that's what!

photo by: @foundationcoffeeco

Rating: Alright

Those are the coffee shops that I got to check out on my short trip to Tampa, FL but of course there are tons of others so if you have suggestions please send them over. For those of you not from Tampa, go check these places out and let me know what you think.


Alfred Drinking Coffee

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