Why I'll never use a Coffee Machine

People always ask me how I like to brew my coffee at home or better yet will ask me "What kind of coffee maker do you have at home?". The simple and quick answer is that I don't use a coffee maker, or at least I don't use a traditional coffee maker. That's the article, thanks for tuning in!

Ohh you're still reading? Ok well I guess I can go into more detail. The traditional coffee maker to me takes the concept of a pour over but will always manage to burn your coffee. The reason a pour over works is that you are pouring hot water over the coffee so that you are getting all the ground beans soaked evenly. The traditional coffee machine basically pours hot water in a single point (the centre of the filter) which then allows the water to spread along the remainder of the beans, while constantly pouring hot water in that single location. The problem with this is that eventually that single point will be over saturated and will overly burn the coffee in that spot, thus changing the flavor of the coffee you are drinking to seem overly roasted. Basically not the best way to pour water on your coffee. 

Another point is the sheer cost of coffee makers. Even at the cheapest price point you're going to spend at least $30-40 on a coffee maker (and not a very good one at that). When you can buy yourself a decent french press for $20-30 and can guarantee a good cup of coffee using that, then why would you ever spend more money on something to give you worse coffee? Sure you don't know how to use a french press. To help you out I'll release an article in a few weeks (I promise it will come out soon) to guide you in the ways of using a french press. 

I also believe that enjoying your coffee is not just taking in that first sip, but comes from the initial prep of the coffee. Basically from opening a fresh bag of coffee and enjoying the smell, to grinding it, prepping it all the way to enjoying that last sip of your phenomenal coffee.

Another factor to consider for me and most coffee enthusiasts is finding variety in the way you make your cup of coffee. There are some days I can't say no to a good french press coffee, there are others where I want to spend more time and just enjoy making a pour over, then other days I'll choose to use my Moka express to make a solid/stronger cup of coffee. It varies depending on my day and my mood so having that diversity in coffee making equipment allows me to pick and choose...but again I will never choose a coffee machine to make my coffee.

If you can convince me otherwise, feel free to comment below with your thoughts! I'm always open to hearing your views on things so let me know what you think.

Cheers and happy coffee drinking,

Alfred Drinking Coffee

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