Why I'll Never Tell You Which Coffee Is Best: A guide to my coffee reviews

Over the last year I've been reviewing different coffees almost on a daily basis, with breaks here and there because quite frankly life is chaotic and things come up that mess with my Instagram schedule (I'm sorry! I'll try to be better I promise). In that year, lots of people have either messaged me asking or asked me in person which coffee I consider to be the best I've ever had. Here's the best way I can put it: 


Obviously if I ended this article like that most of you would start saying "what kind of answer is that?", "This guy clearly doesn't know coffee" or "That's a garbage answer, be better Alfred!", so I'll try to elaborate further. The reason I don't know which coffee is best is because every single coffee I've had in my life (we're talking in the thousands at this point) has it's pros and cons. Some have strong flavors but are a bit too light, some have a silky texture but the notes just aren't that present, or I wasn't even in the head space to taste notes and I just drank the coffee to get that initial kick of caffeine in the morning. This is not to say those coffees weren't amazing, it's just that with every roast, every brew, even every sip of coffee you will taste and sense something different. 

There are some people that will tell you that their coffee is the best in the world and they might be right...but at the end of the day coffee in itself is subjective. What is best for you may not be the best for someone else. I personally prefer fruitier notes in my coffee, giving it a slight sweetness, but the person next to me may find sweeter notes in their coffee terrible and want something with more bitter notes. Neither of us can say our preferences are better than the other because they are just that, preferences. 

The main reason why I describe the notes in the coffee I'm drinking in my posts, is not to tell you what is best, but to allow you to decide for yourself which coffee you'd like. So when I tell you I have no idea which coffee is best, it's because I have no idea which coffee is best for YOU. That being said, I'll never say no to helping you find that one perfect coffee for you so message me and we'll talk coffee! It's one of my favorite subjects if you didn't know.


Alfred Drinking Coffee

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