Why I Drink My Coffee Black

I have never in my life considered myself a coffee snob by any means. I also don't judge people on their coffee choices or their decision to add milk, creamer, sugar, oat milk, almond milk, soy, whatever the preference, in their coffee. You want to enjoy your coffee like that then go right ahead, it literally makes zero difference to me, but due to the amount of people that ask me with a look of confusion why I drink my coffee black, I feel like it's important for me to explain it.

I used to drink my coffee with milk; lattés were my jam! Add a bit of sugar in there or some caramel and I was living my best life, but the more I drank the more I felt sick, which led me to realize that I was mildly lactose intolerant. So I decided to cut out the milk and just drink my coffee black with a bit of sugar (a bit being a heap full of sugar). At one point one of my good friends basically told me to stop drinking my calories so I decided to cut out the sugar. I was worried at first if I could even enjoy the coffee without sugar because the coffee was bitter and there was always a burnt aftertaste that I just didn't enjoy. Eventually another friend of mine took me on a coffee trip to Revolver. That was the first time I realized that coffee didn't need to taste bad and could actually taste pretty delicious. 

That first cup turned into thousands and with every cup I started to notice more and more the flavors within the coffee itself. Eventually I got used to enjoying the true flavor of the coffee rather than the flavor of milk and sugar. I was also able to now taste the subtle differences between different brew methods, taste difference in different origins to a certain degree (I'm no expert trust me), but most importantly I started to enjoy that cup of coffee rather than using it as a means to stay awake. 

Some of you might still call me a coffee snob, and you could be right. I don't really see it as such, I just see it as a true love for coffee. The best example I am able to give to people that ask me why I drink my coffee black is this:

It's like the difference between a good cut of steak and any cheap cut of steak you buy at a discount grocery store. A good cut of steak only needs a little bit of salt to enhance the flavor and not much else, but when you take that first bite you'll know that this is an absolutely wonderful steak. A cheap cut of steak might need a ton of seasoning and quite possibly a ton of bbq sauce to be edible, and you'll still know it's not a good cut. A good coffee doesn't need anything added to it, you know it's good from the first sip, but a bad cup of coffee may need creamer, sugar, and what have you to mask the true flavor because the flavor just isn't good. That's why I drink my coffee black, to be sure I'm drinking a good cup of coffee.

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