Where to get coffee in Philly

Philadelphia is one of the oldest cities in the United States, as you can tell from the architecture, the cobblestone streets, and the fact that everywhere you go they tell you its one of the oldest cities in the United States. I was stopping by so I figured I would do the right thing for the coffee community and make a list of some of the cool coffee shops I went to, so welcome to the PHILADELPHIA ALFRED DRINKING COFFEE TOUR:


Photo by: Menagerie Coffee

Menagerie is what you'd expect an independent coffee shop on the east coast to be....amazing in every way. Great coffee to choose from, a few baked goods to pick from and some great brick walls to take your Instagram worthy pictures while drinking your Instagram worthy coffee (trust me I'd know, I'm on the Instagrams). 

Rival Bros

Photo By: Rival Bros Coffee

A coffee roaster and coffee shop. The shop I stopped by is nice and simple. A bar, a few seats, and just some unreal coffee. My suggestion for your first time there is just ask the barista what their preference, they will never steer you wrong. This was my first stop (literally right off the plane) and I couldn't have picked a better place to stop.

 La Colombe

Photo By: @iayeshaawais

This is one of the most unique coffee shops I've seen. La Colombe is a chain based out in the east coast, with coffee shops all over Philadelphia, Washington D.C., and so many other major cities in the US. What intrigues me about La Colombe is the fact that you get an independent coffee shop vibe from every store you go to. What I mean by that is you get the sense of all the care that goes into each coffee they make, the personal touch that you find with each individual barista you deal with, and the overall experience. You literally cannot go wrong stopping by any La Colombe shop.


Special Bonus: Delaware features


Photo By: Loma Coffee

This coffee shop serves some unreal coffee, and I had my very first dirty Americano (2 shots of espresso in drip coffee rather than water) and boy was I wired for the rest of the day. It's a big enough shop to meet up with friends or you can find space to do a little bit of working/studying. 

Pro tip: their food is bomb! Had their breakfast sandwiches and it was beyond phenomenal so definitely try their food.

Brew Ha Ha


Photo by: @brewhahacafe

Serving up Brandy Wine Coffee Roasters, this intriguing coffee shop is mindbogglingly spacious, with a very relaxed vibe. There's room for large groups and a lot of spots if you want to just relax on your own. My suggestion, grab yourself a french press of which every Brandy Wine roast they have in stock, grab yourself a comfy chair, sit back and just enjoy your time.

So there we are, my first ever east coast coffee tour (and it won't be my last). If there are places I missed let me know in the comments but for now go check these out if you haven't already and happy coffee drinking!

-Alfred Drinking Coffee


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