Best Coffee Shops for a First Date in Vancouver


We all know first dates can be a bit stressful. You want to make sure you look good for the date, you want to pick out the best location, you also hope that when you get there you don't say something stupid that ruins the date. Although I can't really help you look good or stop you from talking about that one time you laughed so hard you peed yourself in public (I swear that never happened to me), but what I can do is help you find the perfect coffee shop for your first date.


Photo by: @Thierrychocolat

How can you go wrong with a french bakery and coffee shop? It's a quaint, intimate place where you can just grab a coffee, a few macarons and just enjoy each other's company. 


Not only is matchstick a great coffee shop to grab a great cup of coffee and just talk, but its in a prime location. If the date is going well after the first (or second) coffee you can walk around in Chinatown and check out all the dessert places in the area.


Photo by: @dalinavancouver

Want to show them that you know where the Instagram worthy hot spots are? Take them to Dalina. This is an instagrammer's dream in terms of aesthetically pleasing decor. Having a knowledge of Instagram hot spots is a good basis for starting a relationship right?


If you want a hip place to grab a great pour over and share one of their delicious cookies, this is where you should have your first date. It's a big enough space for you to find a comfy place for you two to sit, and IF the date is going well you can turn it into a lunch date and order some food.


Photo by: @faubourgbakery

This is another french inspired bakery and coffee shop but the location is perfect. It's in the heart of downtown so you can head there and just enjoy people watching together while eating a croissant and delicious latte.

Milano (on West 8th)

Milano is an Italian inspired coffee shop. They have three locations; one in Gastown, one on Denman, and one on West 8th. The reason I singled out the West 8th location is for one reason and one reason alone...the view. The view at night is beyond phenomenal. You're just outside the city and manage to see everything so clearly from their patio. Do yourself a favor and take your date to Milano on West 8th and just enjoy the view and the company.

I hope this gives you a few ideas of places to take your first date to, but what do I know? I'm not a date expert I'm a coffee expert. If you have any suggestions for good date places let me know.


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