The Ultimate Coffee Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays are coming and you are scrambling to find the perfect gift for the coffee lover in your life! You're scouring the internet trying to find something that they would absolutely love but are having zero luck! Does that sound familiar? Well I'm about to make it super easy! First let me introduce you to my friends at Eight Ounce Coffee. If you live in Canada this is basically going to be your "One Stop Shop" for all things coffee. They have literally everything you want from all the brands you like. 

Now I have to be honest here, I do get a little kickback from them if you use the link above (or any of these links below) rather than going to their site directly. It doesn't really change anything from you, just shows Eight Ounce Coffee that you found their site through me and anything you buy I get a bit of money from. That does not change the fact that I absolutely love this company and want to support them, so definitely use them for all your coffee shopping needs, and if you want use the link above and help me out!

Now that that's out of the way lets talk some Amazing Christmas Gifts you can get that special coffee lover in your life!

Brand: Fellow Products

Product: Stagg EKG Electric Pour Over Kettle

Price: $210.00

what makes this kettle so special is your ability to control the temperature to the Degree (F or C) and the design gives you a steady, precise pour every single time thanks to the goose neck spout. 

Brand: Espro

Product: Bloom Pour Over Coffee Brewer

Price: $49.95

This is not your average Pour Over. Designed to speed up the pour over process (2 mins vs the normal 5+) and with it's 1500 precision cut holes, it guarantees a perfect pour over every time. I've been using this for a month now and it's incredible!

Brand: Fellow Products

Product: Stagg Double Wall Carafe

Price: $53.00

No pour over is complete without the right Carafe! You can get any carafe obviously, but why I love this one is the double wall that you don't burn your hand grabbing the carafe once you've poured the coffee.

Brand: Baratza

Product: Encore Coffee Grinder

Price: $199.00

You can't make a great cup of coffee without a great grinder! This burr grinder will grind consistently enough for espresso as well as manual brew methods (french press, pour over, etc), all while not breaking the bank!

Brand: Fellow Products

Product: Ode Brew Grinder

Price: $420.00

Ok now this grinder is next level! Providing you with Cafe grade performance, this burr grinder is consistent, ridiculously quiet (like a whisper), and to add to it theres a grounds knocker just in case by some freak accident there are grounds stuck in the grinder and not caught by the magnetic catch! This is a dream come true for all coffee lovers!

Brand: Espro

Product: Press P5-320Z Glass

Price: $95.00

No coffee collection is complete without a good french press. The P5 takes the classic sophistication of the traditional French Press and perfects it with technology to allow it to be safer, more durable, and to keep your beverages warmer.

Brand: Multiple

Product: Reusable Coffee Cups

Price: Varies

This is meant for the coffee lover on the go. Eight Ounce has a wide variety of reusable coffee cups to choose from all from brands like Fellow Products, Keepcup, Kinto, Huskee, and many more! Head over to find the perfect reusable coffee cup for that special someone!

Brand: Multiple

Product: Ceramic Cups

Price: Varies

Now there are tons of ceramic cups to choose from, and as above there are many many brands to choose from. Each cup has a unique style to it, and honestly depends on the style of the coffee lover. Personally, I love Fellow Products Monty Cup  but that's just personal preference. Find something that fits perfectly for that special someone!

Brand: Hario

Product: Syphon TCA-2

Price: $109.00

The Syphon is next level when it comes to brewing coffee. This is for the coffee expert in your life. This is if Chemistry and Coffee had a baby! It makes a magical cup of coffee and that special someone will love making coffee with this baby!

Brand: Multiple

Product: Coffee Beans

Price: Varies

Now of course no coffee list would be complete without coffee. Eight Ounce has a list of incredible coffees from all across this wonderful country of ours! The list is endless but some roasters you may recognize is Luna Coffee, Harken, Rabbit Hole, 49th Parallel, Roasti, Rosso, David Kim Coffee, Rogue Wave, Monogram, and many many many more!

Now of course I couldn't put EVERYTHING on the list because there is just way too many things to post. But this hopefully wet your whistle a bit and helps you narrow down where you need to shop for that special coffee loving someone!

If you do end up getting anything from the list or even something not on the list let me know what you picked! Always excited to hear what fellow coffee lovers are enjoying!

Happy Holidays!

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