The RIGHT way to make Coffee Ice Cream

Bella Gelateria has been a Vancouver staple for years. One of the original gelato shops in the heart of downtown. Now you must be thinking, "Alfred, why are you talking to us about Gelato? You're a coffee enthusiast...", you are right to question me, but what if I talked to you about Bella Gelateria's Espresso Gelato? I think that would be acceptable. 

If you've never heard of Bella Gelateria, they're that Gelato shop on W Cordova, near Canada Place that always has a line not only out the door, but down the block most days. You're lucky if you find the shop empty so definitely take advantage of it and get yourself some gelato. 

Now lets talk about the Gelato itself:

Bella Gelateria focuses as a whole on using only the best ingredients in their gelato, as you can tell from the plethora of flavours they offer. The espresso used at Bella Gelateria is from Pacific Coffee Roasters. They are a local roaster in Vancouver, and it gives that added local feel to an already local gelateria.

To actually make the espresso gelato, the team uses espresso, quite a bit of chocolate chips, cream, and of course a little bit of sugar to give a sweet espresso flavor (seriously its like you're eating an espresso shot, but sweet). Once the espresso, cream, and sugar are all mixed and are nice and cold, they mix in the chocolate chips in their industrial mixer that they have at the front of the shop. You can watch them make the gelato in front of your very eyes.   

It's interesting to see how the espresso ice cream is made and how the Bella Gelateria staff use simple, fresh ingredients to provide such a high quality gelato. 

PRO TIP: Get your espresso gelato in a charcoal cone to add some extra flavor and to make sure your gelato is instagrammable.

So when you get a chance this summer, stop by and try this espresso gelato and make sure you say hi to the staff at Bella Gelateria and that I sent you. Seriously tell them I sent you cause you'll make me look more popular than I actually am.

Sponsored by: Bella Gelateria

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