The New and Improved Beachcomber's Coffee


For those of you that don't know, the Beachcomber Coffee Co. has been around for a few years now, based in Gibsons, British Columbia and over the last little while have been able to make a name for themselves in the coffee game in Vancouver with their West Coast Lifestyle. Their main focus has and always will be to make a great tasting coffee for the every day drinker. 

They've won a few awards for their original blend of South and Central American coffee, including Bronze in the 2016 Golden Bean North America award's Espresso Category. Now, they've decided to up their game a bit more with a new blend as well as setting themselves up with a few certifications. The new blend is Certified Fair trade, Certified Organic, Certified Kosher, and Certified Halal which basically means...they're certified across the board.

So what does this mean to you, the Daily Coffee drinker. It means that you can be sure that the beans in the coffee you're drinking have been grown without GMO's, fertilizers, antibiotics, synthetic chemicals, or hormones. You can also be sure that the producers of the coffee itself are meeting certain criteria to ensure that the producers and farmers are receiving fair prices for their coffee. In terms of the Certified Kosher and Halal that means that the coffee is prepared in such a way that they abide by Jewish customs and Muslim consumers can be sure that the coffee is aligned with their dietary restrictions.

Ok, so we talked about the certifications. I get it, you want to hear about how the coffee actually tastes right? By using a combination of beans from Peru, Sumatra, and Guatemala they have created a balance of different flavors that you normally wouldn't get from a single origin bag. In terms of tasting notes, there were notes of berry, with a strong undertone of cocoa to offer a silky smooth texture, sweet yet bitter flavor that gives an intriguing sensation, and a smooth finish. 

Overall, the coffee is one that you can enjoy day in and day out without being bored of the flavor. This is the daily coffee that the coffee community deserves.

Rating: Pleasing


The coffee is available in 1 KG bags and 340g bags. If you're looking to try this coffee out for yourself in the Vancouver Area click on the link here and grab yourself a bag. For now it's pickup only, so we can meet up and I can hand deliver you the beans if you live in the Lower Mainland in Vancouver (who wouldn't want to be hand delivered coffee from Alfred Drinking Coffee right?)

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