The London Coffee Tour

For the longest time, London was known for tea and crumpets, and that's about it. No one in their right minds would think, lets go to London and try all the coffee possible. I went in to this trip thinking, "The coffee is going to be adequate at best". I'm telling you now, I stand corrected. From the first cup I had to the last, they just kept getting better and better. I wish I could have tried all the coffee in the city but I'm pretty sure my heart would have stopped. Here are some of the places that I think are note worthy to try that I stopped by:


This was the first shop I stopped at on my trip. After a 10 hour flight and a day of running around I needed the perfect cup of coffee; and that's what I asked for. The barista looked at me and instantly knew what I needed. That first cup of coffee was immaculate to say the least. Full bodied, flavorful, and the right amount of kick to start off my vacation.

The shop is perfect to grab a coffee, either chill out, or walk around the area and check out the cool shops around. Solid location and solid coffee. What more could you want?


Photo By: @Kaffeinelondon

This place reminded me a lot of coffee shops in Vancouver's Gastown. Chill vibes, people sitting, sipping their americanos or long blacks, reading some coffee culture magazine, and just enjoying their lives. This was the coffee shop I stopped at the morning after a wedding reception, which means I was hungover and in need of anything to get rid of it and let me tell you, the hangover was instantly cured after this coffee. A creamy Americano, with no bitter aftertaste, just a perfect pull. 

Omotesando Koffee

Photo By: @omotesando.koffee

The best way to describe this place is like if a research lab and a coffee shop had a baby. You walk in and make your order at what gave me the vibe of a reception at a doctors office, then you head over to the bar. At the bar you have viles of coffee, the baristas are wearing lab coats, and it all looks like they're experimenting with coffee, trying to perfect it...and boy did they. This was one of the best coffees I've had in a long time. 

Saint Espresso

Photo By: @saintespresso

A quaint little shop serving up some incredible espresso based drinks. I grabbed myself a long black from here and lived my best life. They have a few seats along the window so you can enjoy your coffee and people watch because what else do you need in life? It's definitely a spot I would go to again.

Coffee Island

This is literally what you would think it is given the name. You walk in and all you see is bins of coffee beans around you with scoops like you're at an outdoor market ready to buy spices. The sheer aroma of the different coffees would get you the caffeine fix you need. I (the coffee snob you know and love) was overwhelmed with the options and just let the barista decide for me. Part of me wanted to sit there for hours just trying all the coffee they had in stock. Definitely an experience to say the least. I don't think you can go wrong with any of the coffees there to be honest with you.

So there you have it. The London experience in coffee form. I'm telling you all now that I will never think of Londoners as solely tea drinkers...these people know their coffee and do it well! If you are ever heading to London be sure to grab a coffee from one of these shops before your adventure to go visit the queen (Liz whatup!) or whatever else you plan on doing while you're there. Enjoy friends!

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