The Grand Portland Coffee Tour

As some of you may know, I recently went to Portland, Oregon. Portland is one of the biggest coffee cities in the world, which means I had to go and try all the coffee I possibly can in a 3 day trip. I went to a few shops but barely scratched the surface of all the coffee shops in PDX, but nevertheless, here is my list of coffee shops to check out if you're ever in Portland, Oregon:


Location: 1300 Southeast Grand Avenue

First and foremost, this shop looks like it used to be a massive wood working shop and I loved every second of it. The old wood working tools all seemed to be re-purposed in some way and the wood bar is a very cool addition. I get it, you're like "Alfred get to the coffee" so here it is:

The coffees (yes I had more than one there) are so flavorful that even a novice coffee drinker can taste the different notes. I never got a chance to go to the roaster but this shop definitely didn't disappoint. 


Proud Mary

Location: 2012 NE Alberta Street

If you've heard this name before that's because Proud Mary is one of those World Renowned roasters that all the coffee shops know about and try stocking up on when they can. Having their roasteries running in both Portland and Melbourne (two of the biggest coffee cities in the world) you know that the quality you're getting from here is going to be exceptional.

The shop I went to was spacious, so good for a large group of friends, and the service was exceptional as well. The coffee I had was perfect; a light roast, subtle notes when needed and a strong finish that left a long lasting taste that I still remember now. 

Good | A Coffee Company

Location: 1150 SE 12th Ave

Great Coffee, cool ambiance, and great staff; what more could you want in a coffee shop. You walk in to this shop as though its a botanical garden that happens to have a coffee shop inside. You smell the rich aroma of coffee and like any coffee enthusiast your anxiety starts to kick in..."what coffee do I get?!"

No need to worry, talk to the baristas like I did. They first got a sense of my pallet and what I was looking for and provided me with an option that I couldn't have picked better myself. The coffee was so great it was good (get it? cause its "Good Coffee").

Heart Roasters

Location: 537 SW 12th Ave

I've dreamed of going to Heart Roasters ever since I first tried their coffee at Revolver in Vancouver. A simple open spaced layout so you can enjoy your coffee in peace or with a group, and they have all the options your heart desires (I'm just killing it with the puns today aren't I). 

Select from any of the coffees they have on the bar and you're sure to have a great cup of coffee by the end of it. 


Case Study

1422 NE Albert Street

A simple coffee shop with a subtle level of sophistication that makes you just want to sit, enjoy your coffee and reflect on your life. Roasting their own beans you can be sure that the quality is at the same standard as all the coffee shops on this list, the only difference here is I felt this shop to be more of a solo coffee shop experience rather than one to enjoy with a large group like some others on the list. The ambiance just makes you want to relax and enjoy the cup of coffee in silence. Definitely worth checking out.

Portland has one of the most interesting coffee scenes and the fact that you can find so many coffee shops next to each other, each providing a completely different vibe while still managing to produce some amazing coffee is impressive to me. Portland I'll be back soon, with an even bigger appetite for coffee so be ready!


Alfred Drinking Coffee

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