The Festive Collection By Nespresso

It's the most wonderful time of the year - time for the holiday collection from Nespresso! This year Nespresso has created some iconic holiday flavors around indulgent Nordic moments. They've incorporated the growing Scandinavian-inspired cultrual trends of Hygge (Fun) and Fika (loosely translated to "Coffee Break"). Nespresso is trying to encourage everyone to put a pause on the busy side of this season, and enjoy some fun and coffee instead with family and friends.

So what makes this year's Nordic collection so special? The new flavours of course including Nordic Almond Cake and Nordic Cloudberry.

Nordic Almond Cake features a combination of biscuit and vanilla aromas which is inspired by the traditional Norwegian cake Kvaefjordkake (don't know how to say it but its delicious). So if you pop one of these be sure to smell the sweet scent of vanilla.

Nordic Cloudberry features the delicate, tart taste of cloudberries with a sweet, jamlike fruitness and a mild hint of acidity.

For you Vertuoline owners, Nespresso also made Nordic Cinnamon Swirl and Nordic Vanilla Princess Cake. Nordic Cinnamon Swirl gives you a smooth biscuity note, and a medium intensity of Half Caffeinato blend with additional notes of brioche dough (I drooled writing that) and cinnamon. 

Nordic Vanilla Princess Cake is based on the iconic Swedish green cake Prinsesstarta, which features an indulgent creamy vanilla taste, marzipan sweetness and a subtle hint of raspberry to offer a perfect balance of flavors.

Now lastly, Nespresso didn't forget about you lovers of true long black's, so they made the Nordic Black which is available in both Original and Vertuo capsules.

Now that you've read all about it, all that's left is trying it! Head to your local nespresso to get your hands on these limited edition capsules or order them online.

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These look great. Too bad their looks cannot eliminate their contribution to the piles of plastic mounding up everywhere. And how can you support a company such as Nestle that aggressively acquires water rights?

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