The Best Starbucks Custom Fall Drinks

The beginning of Fall is here and that means that the Pumpkin Spice Latte is out in full swing, as well as the new fan-favourite Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew. That being said, you could be one of those people that likes to change your drink up a bit, with an extra pump of this, or half a pump of that. Well Starbucks Canada decided to ask the experts what they believe the best custom drinks would be for this Fall season. Who are these experts you ask? Your local Barista obviously. (You thought it was me didn't you!).

Starbucks baristas across Canada have heard your thousands upon thousands of customizations to the Starbucks menu, from custom Americanos to custom frapps, they've heard it all. So they have compiled a list of customized drinks for you that they believe are the best options for you to enjoy your favorite drink with a nice Fall twist:

The Classic Americano - add a pump of pumpkin sauce to it.

Blossoming Rose Tea Latte - add some pumpkin spice topping to your Blossoming Rose Tea Latte.

Soy Chai Tea Latte - add a pump of pumpkin sauce.

PSL - add a pump of vanilla syrup and switch the milk with almond milk.

The Blonde Espresso White Mocha - top it off with some pumpkin spice topping.

Iced Latte - add pumpkin cream cold foam to the top. 

Java Chip Frappuccino - make it a pumpkin spice Java Chip Frapp by adding two pumps of mocha sauce and two pumps of pumpkin sauce.

Ok some of you are probably want to just stick to your favorite PSL right? Well there are some options to customize that too!

- Enjoy it hot, iced or as a Frapp.

- Try non-dairy alternatives such as soy, coconut, or almond milk

- Ask for less (or more) pumps of sauce to change up the sweetness.

- Add an extra shot of Espresso to get wired in the morning.

- Add a pump of pumpkin or swap in a pump of something else to change up the flavor a bit.

Still feel at a loss but want to change spice (get it? cause pumpkin SPICE) things up a bit, go ahead and ask your local barista for their personal tips and tricks. 

Happy Fall Coffee Drinking!

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