The Alfies 2019

The Alfies 2019

For those of you that have been avoiding my Instagram page for the last few weeks or so, The First Annual Alfies are upon us!

What are the Alfies you ask? Well I'll tell you! the Alfies are a way for me to show appreciation for all the coffees, coffee shops, coffee roasters, and all things coffee that I have tried, seen, or experienced in any capacity this past year. This was a long time in the making, and thought this was the year we launch it.

So let's get into it! Here are the Categories and Nominees!

Best Packaging

All of the nominees have notes of unique design, a hint of creative packaging, and an undertone of beautiful artwork to offer an entrancing package.

The Nominees Are:

Pop Coffee Works
Brandywine Coffee Roasters
House of Funk Brewing Co.
Rocanini Coffee Roasters


Best New Shop

All the nominees have notes of interesting interior design, a relaxed vibe, a hint of a cool bar setup to offer a rich experience, an enjoyable environment, and a satisfied finish.

The Nominees Are:

Cafe Blanc
Prototype Coffee
Nemesis Coffee


Best Espresso Blend

All nominees portray notes of unique flavoring, a strong body, a rich balance, and a crisp undertone.

The Nominees Are:

Black Echo Coffee
Milano Coffee
The Colombian YEG
Mogiana Coffee


Most Creative Flavour Profile

All the nominees display unique notes for the specific coffee, an intriguing profile, and deep undertones. 

The Nominees Are:

The Bensa Logita from Structure Roasters
The Abel Ortiz from Rooftop Coffee Roasters
The Gifted Estate from Luna Coffee
The Worka Sakaro from Monogram Coffee


Best Roaster

All the nominees have provided consistently great coffee (that I've tried) this year with balanced notes, impressive profiles, and clean undertones. 

The Nominees Are:

Monogram Coffee
Pallet Coffee
Onyx Coffee Lab
Slate Coffee Roasters 


Please Note: To be clear, I didn't mean to disregard any coffee shops or coffees, but these just stood out to me the most this year. That is not to say that next year others might get added to the list!

So there you have it! The Alfies are in full swing and stay tuned to Instagram to see who will take home the Alfies for 2019!

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