Summer Is Coming

Summer is just around the corner and although we're all terrified of going outside, Starbucks has created a way through the Starbucks App to offer a safe and convenient way to enjoy your favourite beverages and treats without breaking a sweat.

Customers can use the Starbucks App to find a store, check store hours, order ahead, and use contactless payment. Pick up your order from a barista at the door (without entering the café) or at the drive-thru.

Starbucks also has three NEW bright and cheerful beverages for you to enjoy!

Iced Guava Passionfruit Drink

This smooth and creamy caffeine-free beverage combines flavours of guava, passionfruit, pineapple and ginger. It's hand-shaken with coconutmilk and ice. Literally all aspects of this drink screams SUMMER!

Iced Pineapple Matcha Drink

Made with premium matcha green tea with flavours of pineapple and ginger, shaken with coconutmilk and ice, the Iced Pineapple Matcha Drink feels like an island escape in a cup. AT first sip, you get some of that pineapple flavour with a subtle undertone of the coconutmilk, with matcha and ginger pushing through for a solid finish.

Iced Golden Ginger Drink

This caffeine-free beverage features ginger, pineapple and tumeric flavours, shaken with coconutmilk and ice. With it's vibrant colour and sunny flavours, you might as well call it a cup of sunshine.

Also, don't forget to grab your usual summer favourites; the S.mores, Mocha Cookie Crumble, and the Caramel Ribbon Crunch Frappunccinos.

So, I don't know about you, but I'm ready to go out (safely) and grab some delicious drinks for summer...and go back home and enjoy them!

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