Storyville: A Story Worth Telling

The Company


The only story here is the story of a great coffee roaster in the heart of Seattle. Storyville strives for an excellent customer experience, whether it be your coffee, a delicious snack, or just a place to relax in Seattle, they focus on ensuring that everyone that walks through their door has walks out with a smile on their face. They have been in business since 2006 and have taken the Seattle coffee scene by storm with their excellent roasts.

With three main locations in Seattle and a Roasting Studio, you have some options in where you want to go. Whether you go to their 1st and Madison location, their Pike Place location, or their Queen Anne location you can be sure you'll have the same amazing experience that's almost always guaranteed to customers.

Storyville tries to extend their need for excellence to go beyond just their coffee shops. They have established a mission to ending human trafficking around the world. A portion their proceeds goes towards this effort so you can be sure that not only are you going to enjoy a good cup of coffee but you are also supporting the end of human trafficking. 

The Coffee

Ok, before we talk about the coffee, we need to talk about these cinnamon buns that they have. These things are covered in a caramel-ish coating so they are hardened with sugar on the outside, but somehow soft and fluffy on the inside. When you go you HAVE to grab one before they're all gone (because they sell out super quick).



Now the coffee; they don't play around with having a huge assortment of roasts or different flavors, they focus on perfecting their one signature Prologue blend. A fully body roast with minimal acidity, offering a balance of sweet flavors which allows for robust coffee experience with every cup. 


If there is anything you get out of this article, it is that you HAVE to go to Storyville when you visit Seattle, Washington and you also HAVE to grab one of those cinnamon buns.....seriously you will not be disappointed.


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