Start Your Morning Right With Starbucks

Starbucks Canada has found a fresh new way for you to start your mornings, even before your first cup of coffee. Now you must be thinking, "What could they offer other than coffee?" well let me tell you!

To help Canadians rise and shine and start the day in a positive frame of mind, the company tapped the expertise of several scientists and music experts to produce a new ‘MorningYes’ alarm. As you may or may not know Starbucks has been sharing and curating songs for their customers for a long time, and they do happen to know a thing or two about music (tell me you don't love the music at your local Starbucks). So they wanted to take that to the next level and use that knowledge they've developed over the years to create a replacement for your typical alarm clock sound, because not a single person on this earth wants to wake up to sirens in the morning.

So what can you expect from the MorningYes Alarm. Well for starters the track starts with a gentle intro and then gradually builds to transition your brain from a sleep state to an awake state. The lyrics and upbeat tempos that are specially curated will release (according to scientists and they're never wrong) feel-good dopamine to give you a more positive outlook on the day.

What more could you want? Ok well how about the fact that the tracks were developed in Canada by Tyson Kuteyi who's mixed for a few famous artists like Lady Gaga. 

I've personally tried it and it is definitely a game changer for my mornings so give it a try, you have literally nothing to lose. To download it on your phone head here and just follow the instructions depending on the phone you have.

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