Roasti Coffee Co: A New Player in The Edmonton Coffee Game

The Company


Roasti Coffee started in 2016 and has took to the ground running, but their story starts years before their official start. The founder Gerry Hayes made his first trip to Brazil in 2008 and fell in love with the country and their coffee. Over the last few years he managed to build some long lasting relationships with specialty coffee producers in Brazil that help Roasti provide some of the highest quality brazilian coffees. 

In 2014 Gerry's son Andrew, who played major junior and professional hockey, suffered a serious head injury that lead him to have to retire from playing. Over his 2 years of dealing with treatment and recuperating from the injury, his life lead him to start working together with his dad to research and create their own roasting business in Edmonton. With the help of Roasting Specialists and friends within the industry, they were able to create The Roasti Coffee Company and are able to provide some exemplary coffee.

Roasti embodies the mindset of a family run small business. With Andrew's mom, Wanda, running the accounting and taking care of the farmer's market, you have father, wife and son just working together to make a good cup of coffee for their customers to enjoy, so I ask you to do just that....Enjoy!

The Coffee


The coffee's I got to try from Roasti Coffee Co. were their Ethiopia Yirgacheffe and their Brazil Yellow Bourbon. The Brazil Yellow bourbon had a rich note of toffee and fruit, with a sweet base of chocolate to allow for a sweet aroma, a rich toffee flavor, smooth body and a light finish. The Ethiopia Yirgacheffe had a subtle hint of blueberry which allowed for the note of vanilla to be exemplified. The undertone of chocolate allowed the Yirgacheffe to be well balanced, offering a medium body and a smooth finish.

Both being prepared with a french press allowed for the natural flavor of the beans to be revealed. 

All in all, if you are ever in Edmonton and want to grab a good cup of coffee and support a local family owned coffee shop then you should go check them out or if you want to just enjoy their coffee at home you can check out their site, but as I said before, just enjoy!


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Sponsored by: Roasti Coffee Co.

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