Quantum Coffee Co: A Toronto Favorite comes to Vancouver

The Company

Quantum Coffee Co. started in Toronto, Ontario on King Street a few years back with a key goal in mind: to create a destination that provides a location for people to connect and share ideas while enjoying high quality coffee. By offering a selection of single-origin beans from around the world and having an open concept in their Toronto shop, they did just that. 

Now they've decided to take that same methodology and thought process over to their Vancouver location at 455 Granville Street in Downtown. They had their soft opening October 3rd and have been providing some exemplary coffee with a few tables to allow for people to meet up, sit down, and enjoy the coffee vibes.

 The Coffee

The most important thing that needs to be talked about is their Poursteady machine. This is when coffee and technology combine to make one beautiful coffee apparatus.


Rather than free pouring for a pour over, all the barista has to do is put in the coffee grounds in the dripper, take a step back, and let the machine do the rest. This is a sight to see. I was able to try their Kenyan roast as well as their Ethiopian roast. Both were full of flavor, rich notes and you knew even before you drank the coffee that it would be an amazing cup of coffee.

Rating: Quaint

Definitely go down Granville and check out Quantum, you won't be disappointed. 


Alfred Drinking Coffee

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