PRO TIPS: Using a Pour Over at Home

As you may or may not know, alongside trying coffees from different coffee shops and seeing how the professionals brew their coffee, I tend to enjoy brewing my own coffee either at work or at home on the weekends. Not only do I love the taste of a freshly brewed cup of coffee, but the process of making a good cup of coffee is just enjoyable overall.

One way to make an exceptional cup of coffee without leaving the comfort of your home is by using a pour over. So here are a few steps to brew yourself a perfect cup of coffee, but before you follow these steps you need to make sure you buy yourself a good quality pour over; that means getting yourself a Chemex or a Bodum pour over to make sure you're getting some top quality products.

Now follow these steps to make a solid cup of coffee. These are the things you'll need:

-Whole Coffee Beans (whatever beans you enjoy drinking)



-Pour Over

-Pour Over filter (either paper or metal)


Boil 20 ounces of water per cup that you plan on making. Get this started first so that by the time you're done all the other prep work the water will be boiled.


Take your grinder and grind 30 grams of the whole coffee beans you picked out. You want to grind the beans so that it has the coarseness similar to sea salt (not overly coarse but not fine).

Pro Tip: The higher the quality of beans, the less of it you'll need per cup. A lightly roasted single origin coffee would only need 20-25 grams per cup rather than the normal 30.


Take your Pour Over and place the filter (either a paper filter or a metal filter). 


If you prefer a more crisp, lighter flavored coffee experience then use a paper filter. If you prefer a more silky flavor, with that smooth coffee experience use a metal filter. The metal filters allows the natural oils from the ground coffee beans to pass through it whereas the paper filter will capture it. Both options will provide you with an amazing coffee experience, just differs in your personal preference.


Add the ground coffee into the filter. Not that hard of a process, but just make sure you balance it so its not too lumpy on one side. 


Pour #1

You want to start pouring water from the kettle slowly so that only a slim bit of water is pouring out. You want to start pouring from the outer rim of the coffee grounds and moving into the center in a steady spiral motion. You want to make sure the grounds have all been soaked by the end of this. The pour itself should take about 15 seconds, and then you want to leave it for about 30 seconds after before the second pour.


Pour #2

Now starting from the center of the grounds, you want to pour from center to the outer edge in a steady spiral motion and then back to the center. 

The point of this is to mildly stir the coffee, allowing the water to be evenly spread throughout the beans.


Pour #3

Now that the water and coffee mix from the second pour is dropping to the bottom of the filter, pour some more water in the same pattern as the second pour. 


Pour #4

When the mix from the third pour is at the bottom of the filter, Do your fourth and final pour in the same manner as pour #2 and #3. 


Pour the coffee into your favorite mug. Now enjoy the fruits of your labour and sit back and relax with a delicious pour over cup of coffee.

Now test it out and let me know how your first few experiences of making your own pour over coffee at home went. 


Alfred Drinking Coffee

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