PRO TIPS: Using a French Press to Make The Best (and easiest) Coffee

As promised, here is my pro tip on how to make amazing coffee in a french press:

Put ground beans in your french press, pour hot water over it and let it brew. There you go! Thanks for reading!

Ohh you wanted more details? Seriously? Ok fine here are some more details:

First to get you started this is what you'll need:

-French Press

-Whole Beans


-Hot Water


Grinding Your Beans: Pick out the coffee beans you want to brew. Put a proper amount in the grinder (20-30g of beans for a single cup depending on the flavor profile of the beans; adjust the amount depending on how many cups you want). Make sure you grind your beans until they're coarse. You don't want them to be finely ground otherwise the grounds will get stuck in the metal filter of your french press and you don't want that.

PRO TIP: You don't need a fancy hand grinder or a $200 adjustable grinder (get them if you want but you don't need it). Just get a basic grinder off Amazon or any department store and when grinding keep an eye on the grind to ensure you get the proper coarseness. 


Prepping your French Press: now grab your french press, pour the coarse ground beans in first, then pour hot water over it. The Golden ratio in terms of water to ground coffee is 6 ounces of water for every tablespoon of coffee so adjust accordingly.


To Stir or Not to Stir, that is the Question: so you'll find that some people will tell you once you've filled the French press up you should stir the mixture to spread the ground coffee around and others will say don't stir the coffee and let the ground coffee naturally sink to the bottom of the French press, but who is right? Honestly, I've done both methods and I switch between them from time to time and I don't find a major difference in flavor so my suggestion is do whatever you feel makes you the better cup of coffee! If you're going to let the grounds sink then you're done after step 2 just cover the French press up with its lid and you're good. If you're going to stir the coffee mixture then be sure to use a wooden spoon (or a wooden chopstick works too). The reason you use wood is because if you used metal it would leave a metallic flavor that you don't want in the coffee, the wood leaves the natural flavor of the coffee intact.


Timing: So the question is how long you should leave it to brew. It really depends on the beans that you chose. Some beans have a lighter flavor and need more time to brew, some are much stronger and will need a lot less time. Personally, I find that a good rule of thumb is waiting between 4-5 minutes if you're unsure and then play around with the time until you perfect that cup of coffee. 


Press, Pour and Enjoy: Once your 4-5 minutes are up, press down on the French press SLOWLY (take your time with this, don't press it down super hard just take your time with it. Should take about 20-30 seconds). Once you pressed the ground beans down to the bottom and filtered the coffee (that's the point of pressing it down) pour yourself a cup of coffee and enjoy the fruit of your labour! 


Clean up: Be sure to clean your french press after thoroughly. Toss the ground beans in the compost (they're natural so can be composted...don't be a heathen and throw them in the trash), then clean the filter thoroughly to make sure no residual grounds are stuck in it. Clean your french press itself once you're done with the coffee to make sure it's ready for your next amazing cup of coffee!

See? It's easy! You could have figured this all out just reading the first line of the article but nooooo you wanted more from me! Well hopefully this helped and you can now make an amazing french pressed coffee!

Happy Coffee Drinking,

Alfred Drinking Coffee

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