PRO TIPS: Making a Perfect Turkish Coffee

As most people in my life know, I am an avid coffee drinker (seriously if you didn't know this about me then I don't understand why you're reading this article right now). As an avid coffee drinker that means there are days where I'll need a stronger cup of coffee to power through my active day of drinking more coffee, so that's when this Turkish Coffee recipe comes to play. 

Making Turkish coffee cup and cezve

For those of you that don't know, Turkish Coffee is not a special type of coffee so much as a special method of brewing coffee. The method allows for a more intensified flavor and extraction of caffeine as it is brewing longer than your normal cup of coffee. You don't specifically need specialty Turkish Coffee but I would suggest for your first time using this recipe and ensuring you fall in love with this brewing method that you go to your local middle eastern store (we all have them in our neighbourhoods) and grab yourself some Finely Ground Turkish Coffee.

You'll need a few things to get started:

- Turkish Coffee (I use a Brazilian and Yemeni blend from Egypt)

- a Cezve (a Turkish coffee pot)

- Cold Water

- Sugar (if needed)

- Turkish coffee cup (similar to an espresso shot in size)

Now that you have your tools you're ready to make some of the strongest and delicious coffee. 

Newbie Tip: If you've never had Turkish coffee before, it would be smart to start with a little bit of sugar in there because the flavor can be intense. Once you have a handle on it you can get rid of the sugar if you want.

Turkish coffee cup


Measure out the amount of water you want for each cup (use the turkish coffee cup for measurement). A good rule of thumb is 1 and a half cups of water per cup of coffee. Put the water you measured out into the Cezve.


Grab your Turkish Coffee.For every cup you are planning on making use a full tablespoon of ground coffee and place that into the Cezve.

Again this is a learning process, so if you find its too strong your first time or too weak, adjust the amount of ground coffee you use.


If you want or need to add sugar this is where you add as much sugar as you need. A good starting point would be one teaspoon of sugar.

3 (optional)

This is what I do and you can choose to do this as well or I'll give you an alternative option. I like to not stir the coffee into the water and just leave it resting on top until halfway through the brew. This usually lets it slowly brew. Takes a bit longer but ends up tasting great.

The second option is stirring everything before putting it on the burner. Both options are fine, just all about preference.


Place the full Cezve onto a stovetop burner on low-medium heat. It should take 5-10 minutes for the coffee to start boiling over. Once It starts boiling over wait 10-15 seconds then take the cezve off the heat.

(Do not let it boil over to the point where it starts spilling out of the cezve)


Pour the now brewed turkish coffee into your turkish coffee cup(s) and serve with a cup of water to allow a palate cleanser between sips to fully enjoy the coffee.

Turkish Coffee with water


Enjoy some amazing turkish coffee!

Now I want to be clear, it sounds super easy and simple, but this just like any brewing method is about finding the best balance for you. Whether its finding the best amount of ground coffee, the best amount of water to coffee ratio, or the perfect amount of sugar (or no sugar). Take your time with this and feel free to make this recipe your own!

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