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Have you ever wanted to grab coffee on a train, but you also wanted to make sure that the train isn't going to move while you're drinking it? If that's a dream of yours then you definitely need to head to Platform 7 Coffee Brew Bar. Their goal is to provide a unique coffee culture experience, and that starts with transporting you to a Victorian style London train station if you're at the East Vancouver location, and a Belle-Epoque Parisienne train station if you head over to their Kitsilano location. 

The owners had a specific vision in mind when creating Platform 7, to bring a sense of magic and bring back memories in a place where people feel connected. They wanted to take the coffee culture that they had seen over their lifetime and create their own unique experience. By combining the feel of vintage European train stations and incorporating a coffee that they believe is one of the best coffee roasters (which I'll talk about later, I promise) they were able to provide an experience that is beyond compare.

The Coffee

Like I mentioned above, they wanted to incorporate a coffee that they believe to be one of the best roasters in the business. They felt that only Stumptown Coffee could bring about the experience they were looking for (See? I told you I'd talk about it later). By having the famous Portland roaster's coffee in their shop, they are able to provide high quality espresso, immensely flavorful Pour-Over's and if you're looking for something quick, they also provide fresh drip coffee for those of us that are in a rush to get our coffee fix. 

Platform 7

With a mix of knowledgeable and caring staff, Platform 7 has achieved their goal of providing a unique coffee culture experience to everyone that stops by.

Rating: Decent


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