Opinion: My thoughts on social isolation during COVID-19

I have been working from home, and staying in self isolation for the past 13 days now and thought I could add my two cents for what it's worth (it's not worth that much but if you're reading this you care for some reason).

First things first, if you have not been social distancing for AT LEAST the past week you need to re-evaluate your life choices. This does not refer to those that HAVE TO be out and about, like healthcare workers, and those providing essential services. This is me calling out those that are out socializing on the beach, throwing house parties, hanging out in large groups, and people that are just showing a total lack of care for the situation. 

Things are dire right now and we need to flatten the curve. If you need more information on the subject, here is a quick 8 min. video that explains what the Coronavirus is and how social distancing works to flatten that curve.

I am lucky to have many friends in the medical field that can provide insight into the situation, and quite frankly I applaud them for what they are all doing, because they are putting their health and lives on the line for our well being. All across the country and in other parts of the world some of my closest friends are helping mediate and mitigate the spread of the virus, and since I as an accountant have ZERO skill to help hands on, I know the best thing that I can do is sit at home and not allow the virus to spread any more.

Ok, so now that I got that out of the way we can talk about how this has impacted me a little. I personally try to find the positives in all things, and weirdly enough COVID-19 is no exception. Yes, this is a horrible virus and has impacted hundreds of thousands of people, and I sincerely hope a vaccine is found soon, but during this time I also feel as though without positivity we will not get through this. My mental health (as I'm sure many people's mental health) needs positive thought now more than anything to ensure we can make it through this difficult time so here are some positives that I have found over the last 13 days:

1) Family Time: Over the last year or so I have been running all around. Whether it's being at work, going to an event, meetings, etc. I didn't spend any time at home outside of sleeping really. This self isolation time has allowed me to focus on the here and now and spend more time with my parents and enjoy some solid quality time with them.

2) More time to self reflect: I've always found that self reflection is important as an individual, and its crucial in my own development as I grow. This time has allowed me to really evaluate what is important, what my core values are, and what I want to achieve in life. It's made me realize that some things I'm doing just aren't that important, and this is something I might not have been able to do with the normal busy lifestyle that I had.

3) The Humanitarianism portrayed around the world: The news now a days is terrifying, I will not deny that; however, I have seen people come together during this time of crisis that may not have happened before. From individuals to small businesses to corporations I have seen some incredible acts of caring that I would not have expected. Seeing communities rally together to help support small businesses and business owners by buying giftcards or whatever they can to keep the businesses afloat, to hearing about hotels working to offer their rooms to combat the limited vacancy in hospitals, grocery stores offering limited Senior Hours to allow for seniors to purchase their necessities without the craziness of a normal shop. There are so many humanitarian acts occurring all around us and we just need to take a moment to realize that we can as a community care for one another...and THAT is a beautiful thing.

I know we are all dealing with this in our own way, and we are all scared of what is happening and what is to come. I cannot deny that I am concerned, mainly for those closest to me more so than myself, but I am still concerned and worried. But by taking the precautions necessary to reduce the spread and trying to find the positives in the situation we are in (as difficult as this may be) we will be able to get through this together. Support the healthcare workers by socially distancing yourself, support local small businesses by ordering from their shop or getting gift cards, for those of you that can please help those that can't. All I can say is if we all shed some positivity and show some human care and kindness we will be able to get through this stronger and more connected than ever before.

Just my two cents on the situation.

Stay safe and lets try to Flatten The Curve,

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