New Cinnamon Bun on the Block

Photo by: @groundsyvr

For those of you that have not heard of Grounds for Coffee before, first of all shame on you for not hearing about them, second of all they are not only a great place to grab coffee but are home to the best Cinnamon bun in Vancouver (says me, a cinnamon bun enthusiast). I really don't want you to worry though, yours truly will fill you in on this amazing cinnamon bun company so that you no longer have to fear that feeling of not knowing about something spectacular.

Grounds for Coffee started in 1993 with one goal: to make a knock-out cinnamon bun, and over the years they have perfected their recipe, sourcing ingredients from tons of locations between BC and Alberta. At that time in the 90's the Vancouver coffee culture was just beginning to pick up steam, so by combining an amazing cup of coffee and an even more amazing cinnamon bun, they knew they had a winning combination and its worked for them for the last 26 years.

They were originally only located on Alma street, so for anyone that didn't live nearby you had to trek out to get your hands on this scrumptious cinnamon bun but as of May 15th, 2019 they opened their second location at 2088 Commercial Dr. 

Photo by: @groundsyvr

"The space had to be comfortable to hang out in - so one of the first features we added was the ability for customers to be able to play their own music. And our sound system kicks some butt" says Dan Hilton, President and founder. They introduced to the space a modern-day jukebox in the 50 seat café, which has a mix of stone, reclaimed brick, reclaimed fir, steel and tile. It's basically a photographer's dream come true. 

Photo by: @groundsyvr

So have I enticed you to head to their new location? Trust me on this, you are missing out if you haven't tried these beauties, so for any of you that love sweet treats and delicious coffee that's Premium 100% Arabic Organic Coffee that's ethically sourced (what more could you want?), you need to stop by Grounds for Coffee's new location and enjoy every bite and every sip!

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