Nespresso's Variations Italia Limited Edition is a Must Have

This Holiday season, Nespresso wants to offer to coffee lovers an array of appealing gifts for the holidays (and trust me, we need these gifts this year!). A season, dedicated to generosity and indulgence, Nespresso believes there is no better time to bring people together and treat loved ones with the gift of Nespresso. Whether you're writing your own wish list or wanting to surprise your nearest and dearest. Nespresso will be sure to inspire your gifting this season.

To Celebrate, Nespresso launched its Variations Italia Limited Edition coffee range. Inspired by the traditions of Italy, Nespresso's Variations Italia is a homage to true Italian hospitality. Celebrating those warm, soft-hearted moments spent with loved ones during the holidays. This year's coffees are influenced by the traditional Italian flavours of regional sweet treats, including hazelnut cake, amaretti and pecan biscotti. With four flavoured coffees, two non-flavoured coffees and a range of accessories, Nespresso's festive coffee offer caters for all this holiday season.

For the Original Line and Vertuo you have some intriguing options:

Amaretti Flavour (available in the Original & Vertuo) 

Amaretti are traditional Italian biscuits made using ground almonds, egg whites and sugar, giving them their unmistakeable bittersweet taste. Coffee lovers can expect, in this flavoured coffee, almond and vanilla notes layered with South American Arabica's lingering cereal character, giving it a zesty fruit note.

Nocciole Flavour (Original only)

This coffee fills out the South American Arabicas' lasting cereal taste with notes of toasted hazelnut and vanilla. Like coffee and cake, this espresso is a warm and welcoming treat to celebrate the moment together.

Il Caffè (available in Original & Vertuo)

Il Caffè takes you right to the heart of the classic Italian espresso experience (this is where my heart resides always!). Vietnamese and Indonesian Washed Robustas graced with a little Colombian Arabica hit that punchy combination of smooth, velvety taste and roasty, cereal aromas. 

Pecan Biscotti Flavour (Vertuo Line only)

This flavoured coffee is based on the iconic Italian twice-baked biscotti, also known as Cantucci, often used for dunking into a cup of coffee. It marries a velvety texture and nutty notes from Latin American and African Arabicas, creating a smooth cereal taste.

Along with the Variations Italia, Nespresso also launched a Festive Variations Italia advent calendar so you can count down the days until Christmas in Italian style. 

Also for those celebrating the Holidays on the go, Nespresso is also introducing a range of new Nomad travel mugs available in three formats:

Small: 300ml

Medium: 400ml

Large: 540ml

With a brushed double stainless-steel wall, you can enjoy your favourite coffee on the go at the optimal temperature. 

Now all that's left is for you to head to to get your hands on these limited edition flavours and check out everything else they have right now!

Happy Holidays!


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