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As some of you may have seen recently on my Instagram I got the Nespresso VirtuoPlus Deluxe with Aeroccino. I wanted to do a proper review of it and give my two cents on the product and answer a few of the questions that I keep receiving about Nespresso’s product. So here it goes:


First and foremost let’s talk sustainability. A lot of people have asked me or mentioned how pods are usually one use plastics, or leave an environmental footprint in some way so I want to clear this point up. Nespresso is highly focused on sustainability and all their pods are made of aluminum (one of the most reusable materials to date) and when you take your used pods back to Nespresso in those handy bags they provide you, they are then repurposed fully and used to make other Nespresso pods or different products.

You might have seen the story around about the bikes made of old Nespresso pods, so this just goes to show you they take sustainability seriously and you can be sure the pods used are being recycled and repurposed properly.


Setting up the machine is fairly easy. You literally take it out of the box, attach the water tank, fill it with water, and plug it in. It’s basically one piece outside of the used pod compartment and the water tank so no putting things together needed really. 

You'll want to initially run the machine in cleaning mode which takes about 5 minutes. It just runs hot water through the machine to clean it out a bit. Seeing as it’s brand new you want to just make sure it’s ready for use so that’s why you do that.

Thats all you really need to do for setup, other than have pods ready for your first Nespresso use.

Level of Difficulty

this is the easiest way to make coffee at home. I literally throw a pod into the machine, have my cup ready underneath, turn it on, and go about my business getting ready in the morning and within a minute max (depending on cup size) my morning coffee is done. 


There are a bunch of different flavours and intensities as you may or may not know. I've had a few different flavors so far and have quite a few more to try but overall the flavor is delicious. To be clear I'm talking about an every day coffee here, this is no Geisha by any means, but overall the flavours are rich, balanced, smooth, minimal acidity, and quite honestly I have zero issue having these coffees day to day, in fact I look forward to it day to day.

One note I will say that confuses me is the crema. It comes out exactly the same every time and its rather overly bubbly for my liking, so usually I remove it from my coffee after its brewed by using a spoon and taking it off. 

Other than that the taste is great for a day to day coffee.


The machines are relatively inexpensive when you think about it. Don’t want to think about it? I’m an accountant so I’ll break it down for you real quick. Say you get yourself the Virtuo ($249) and each pod averages about $1 and let’s say you drink 2 coffees a day. That equals to $979 roughly in the first year, and $730 in the second. If you go to your local coffee shop every day and average the same amount of coffees at $3 per coffee (average) that’s $2,190 roughly. So by getting a Nespresso you save yourself in the first year $1,211 and $1,460 the second year. 

I’m literally showing you how to save money!


I would have to say that overall the machine and coffee itself is so easy to use and offers such great flavours that I would suggest everyone that drinks coffee every day or multiple times in a day to get a Nespresso for themselves. Its worth every penny and definitely will provide you with the delicious, caffeine filled, coffee that you want and need. Even if you get one it doesn’t mean you have to stop going to specialty shops but obviously, this will give you delicious coffee and save you money day to day so my recommendation is get one for yourself!

hopefully this has been a little eye opening for you! In the mean time happy coffee drinking,

Alfred Drinking Coffee


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