Nemesis Coffee

The New Kids on the Block

Nemesis Coffee, located at 302 W Hastings Street,  is a fairly new coffee shop that opened up in early 2017, and has hit the ground running in terms of building a name for themselves in the coffee community. They have introduced a new style of coffee shop that's half brunch spot/coffee bar. 

The concept of "Nemesis" started as a magazine about culture from music, street culture, coffee culture, etc., and the people within the city. As the idea started to grow it became clear that the magazine wouldn't be feasible. As time went on the concept evolved into what they knew best - coffee. They also found that if they managed to run a coffee shop and focused on excellent quality products and amazing service they could build a good following and give them a personal connection to the community.

The five owners have worked hard in the last several months to make sure that they are constantly staying up to date with good coffee, great food, and integrating street culture within the shop to ensure that each customer coming into the shop feels welcome and wants to come back.

The Coffee

For the first few months that they opened up, I was there at least once or twice a week (I have a problem, I know, I've accepted my coffee addiction) and every time I went I found a different coffee, from a different coffee roaster from around the world to try. I was introduced to several coffees that I never would have tried otherwise, and am glad I did.

Some of the coffee roaster's I've had the privilege to try were Pilot Coffee Roasters from Toronto, Five Elephants from Berlin,  Bonanza Coffee from Berlin, April Coffee Roasters from Copenhagen, and the list goes on.


They focus on the pour over method for non espresso based coffee. With the open space you get to watch the brewing process in action and enjoy watching your coffee being made....or if you don't really care about watching it being made you can take a seat and wait for it to be made (but seriously just watch them make your coffee because its spectacular). 

If you're craving an espresso based drink, my suggestion is to try their mocha. It's not just that their mocha's are absolutely delicious but you also can get yourself a small treat served with it, but only if you get it to stay and if they have quantities left. As seen below, they serve their mocha's with a chocolate and hazelnut spread shortbread with toasted marshmallows.....who would say no to that?!

Mocha from Nemesis

The Food

Ok, so you're probably thinking, "their coffee is great. I get it, but they have to have some short comings when it comes to their food". You would be WRONG if you thought that. 

They have a full brunch menu that includes your classic Avo on toast, chicken and waffles, or you can go the more extreme route and grab yourself the Pork Belly.

No matter what you decide to try off their menu, just know that you are 100% guaranteed a great experience. 

Also after brunch, my suggestion is to have one of their freshly baked cookies for a balanced meal. It's just a great way to end your experience at Nemesis.

Overall, if you are a coffee lover, a foodie, or both you definitely need to go check Nemesis out and let me know how your experience was because I want to know.


Rating: Ok


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Scott S

Nemesis is one of my favourite spots in Van. Always had outstanding coffee and food every time I go. Great customer service as well, the only hard part is choosing between Nemesis, Timbertrain or Revolver for a morning coffee!

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