My Trip to Spade

For those of you who read my previous article about Spade, you'll know that this is a new concept coffee shop on commercial run by Sammy Piccolo, the owner of Prado. I filled you in on how Spade's concept is coffee shop by day, Tapas and cocktail bar by night, but I figured I needed to fully experience this and then share that experience with you all (I'm so thoughtful, I know, you don't need to tell me). Since my life revolves around coffee and coffee shops, I thought it would be fitting for me to check out the morning offering because...what do I know about cocktails and Tapas.

the Coffee Shop

So Spade is located at 1858 Commercial Drive, providing a huge list of both coffee options and food options. Lets first talk about the coffee shop itself. The shop itself has a lot of seating space, including a bunch of small tables as well as a giant communal table that could seat a solid 10-15 people no problem (this is great for big groups, hint hint). 

The Coffee

Just like Prado, the coffee served is from 49th Parallel and they managed to create a special blend just for Spade. This stuff is great if you've never tried it before and the mixes of drinks have a nice Italian spin on them. I got to try the Dolce Lecce latte, served in a hand-crafted mug, which had the chocolaty Spade espresso from 49th Parallel and their dolce lecce made in house, which offered a creamy and sweet flavor that stayed smooth from start to finish.

I'm not usually one to drink non-black coffee, but this was phenomenal. A must try for sure.

The Food

Ok lets talk food. Sammy created these "Sammy's" that are out of this world. I got to try the Vegetarian Sammy and the Meat Breakfast Sammy. Both had a poached egg cooked to perfection; just a little runny so it oozes after that first bite. You know you're picturing it and now your mouth is watering. I wont judge don't worry. The Meat Breakfast Sammy had ham, aged cheddar cheese, basil mayo, a sweet onion jam that is utter perfection, and topped with a bit of arugula in this lightly toasted bun that had a subtle crunch but was also just so remarkably soft that you think "this can't be real life".

The Veggie Breakfast Sammy was stuffed with arugula, roasted red peppers, provolone cheese, and filled with artichoke. I don't know about you but I have never had a breakfast sandwich with artichoke and I'm definitely not upset about it at all! Vegetarian or not you need to try this sandwich.

Now lets talk nachos...yes I said nachos! You can get a half size or full size of these beauties which are smothered in cheese, roasted red peppers, grilled onions and topped with a bit of arugula and a side dip that makes you feel like you're in a coffee shop in Italy (they have nachos in Italy right?). 


All in all the experience at Spade is just that, a great experience. From the moment you walk in you feel welcome and you know you'll enjoy the food because Sammy and his team put everything they had into creating something special for you. Do me a favor and head over to Spade on Commercial and let me know your thoughts.


Alfred Drinking Coffee

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