My Dinner at Milano Coffee Roasters


Milano Coffee Roasters, for those of you who don't know, is a Vancouver legacy in the coffee community. They've been around roasting Italian coffee for over thirty years and have dedicated their lives to ensure that they source, roast and blend each of their espressos to contain up to 13 different origin coffees. 

Not only are they focused on providing premium coffee to the community, but their espresso beans have won multiple Gold Medal awards from the International Institute of Coffee Tasters (if you didn't know, this is a big deal). All this means is that when you go to any of Milano's locations, you can be sure you're getting internationally acclaimed espresso.

Now that you've read up a bit on Milano's coffee, let's talk about the espresso inspired dinner that I had, which was presented by Chef Nik and Milano Roasters. This was a five course meal, with every course being infused with espresso in some way.

The first course was a butternut squash with candied tarragon and espresso. I don't know who decided to candy tarragon in the first place, but I am glad they did because it added some immense flavor to the already flavorful butternut squash and espresso. The second course was beetroot with a salt and espresso crust, with goat cheese and a citrus caramel glaze that all came together in a way that was indescribable (so describing now will be tough). 

The third course was a scallop & tortellino, soaked in an espresso brown butter and garnished with serrano ham. I have never in my life thought to great a butter with espresso but now that I've tried it its on my to do list for future recipes. The 4th course was an espresso smoked duck....let me say that again, it was an espresso smoked duck. Eating this made me shed a single tear. It was phenomenal.

Finally, the last course of the night was a tiramisu and with that I accompanied it with Milano's Frank's Espresso Master's Reserve in my americano. The espresso had notes of hazelnut cream and an undertone of milk chocolate that allowed for a full body, immense texture, and a juicy finish that was worthy of the gold medal award in 2016. 

Combining the dinner with the view from Milano's Mount Pleasant location allowed for an unimaginable evening. This location is a must see if you have never been, you have a clear view of downtown from their patio that would add to any ambiance to your coffee drinking experience.


All in all, this was an experience unlike any other, and if they are to ever run an event such as this I suggest you all try to grab tickets for it (and grab them quick because they will sell out) and experience for yourself what Milano Roasters is all about.


Alfred Drinking Coffee

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