The Starbucks Reserve: Seattle

This weekend I decided to take a trip down to Seattle to check out the coffee scene down there. When it comes to Seattle though it is mandatory that you stop by the Starbucks Reserve. 

For all those people that like coffee, this is an experience you cannot miss. It is unlike any Starbucks you have ever been to. You walk in and find all the reserve merchandise you could possibly think of, from your typical mugs with the Reserve logo to the Apron's the barista's wear. 

The Atmosphere

As you walk further you see the first coffee bar. You take a seat at the bar and order, nice and simple or you can walk a little passed the bar and take the steps down to the restaurant style coffee bar, where they have staff to serve you at your seat. Being the aficionado that I am so well known to be, I had to sit at the restaurant style bar to get the full experience (I swear that was the reason).

The Menu 

The menu is a little different at the Reserve. They have roasts that you wouldn't find at other Starbucks locations. There was a list of reserve brews you can try; however, for those (like me) that just can't decide on which to try you can order a flight of coffee (similar to a flight of beer but gets you less drunk). 

The Coffee

I decided to try the Congo, the Peru, and the Gravitas blend in my flight.

The Congo: It had a balance of sweet, herbal spice notes with a subtle undertone of orange to give a sweetness and an acidity to offer a smooth flavor.

Rating: It was alright

The Peru: It had a juicy acidity with a citrus flavor, and accents of chocolate to offer a well balanced flavor, fully body and acidic finish.

Rating: It was flavorful

The Gravitas: A rich note of black cherry, cassis and bittersweet cocoa nibs to allow for an intriguing multi layer flavor with every sip.

Rating: It was rich.

The Dessert

My dessert choice had to be coffee based. I decided on the Mint Affogato. They used the Peru brew as the base, allowing for the mint and vanilla ice cream blend with citrus flavor and accents of chocolate to offer a finely balanced dessert. 

Rating: It was pleasing.


All in all this experience was well worth it and I would definitely suggest any coffee lover to visit the Starbucks Reserve in Seattle. 

All the best,

Alfred Drinking Coffee

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