Move Over Halloween, It's Christmas Season at Starbucks

This year has been truly crazy. We have gone through so many changes, and had to adapt our entire lives in so many ways, but at least we know that one constant will never change; Holiday Drinks at Starbucks. 

Sometimes a Peppermint Mocha is more than just a beverage. Sometimes its a moment of familiar ritual that connects you to holidays past and present (which honestly, this year you need that connection more than ever!). Starting tomorrow Nov 6, 2020 Starbucks will be returning with a flurry of their seasonal favourites, alongside their new holiday cups to keep you in that festive mood.

Starbucks Carry the Merry Holiday Cups

This year's theme is Carry the Merry, which is an invitation to enjoy the little moments of brightness around you. 

"When we started designing the cups over a year ago, we didn't know anything about what 2020 would bring. Our mindset was about people carrying them out in the world as messengers of joy," said Jeff Wilkson, Creative Director of Starbucks. "In a way that message deepened as we got further and further into the year. We want to be that beacon for people, a brief moment that they can look forward to."

The Starbucks team released 4 different holiday cup designs:

From Left to Right: Sparkle, Dot, Brand Wrap, Ribbon

Each one provides a little ode to past holiday seasons with a present year twist. Hopefully as you go enjoy your holidays safely and stop by your local Starbucks, whether it's safely through the drive thru's or through the Starbucks App mobile orders, these cups can brighten up your day and the drinks inside can provide you with more than just a hot cup of coffee, hopefully it provides you with memories of holidays gone by.

Happy Holidays!

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