Milano's gift that keeps on giving

Milano Roasters is one of the most authentically Italian roasters that I've seen and if you haven't heard me talk about them before read up on them in my list of best coffee shops for a first date 

Now this acclaimed roaster (seriously they have 12 gold medals from the International Institute of Coffee Tasters over the last 6 years) has come out with two holiday gift box that any coffee drinker in your life would love this holiday season! 

Espresso Gift Box

You'll find two bags of speciality espresso and a tumbler for your coffee travelling needs! Now just listen to the descriptions of the two espressos and let your mouth just water:

Jingle Blend Espresso: Notes of hazelnut cream and milk chocolate with a juicy body.

Cognac Espresso: Notes of anise, a hint of vanilla, and an undertone of burnt orange for that boozy citrus and spice flavor and a rich aroma.

Price: $69.95

Ok that's the espresso let's talk about box #2:

Holiday Blend Box

In this box you'll find one of their specialty dark roasts (seriously I'm not a dark roast guy but these black series coffees are phenomenal) and one of their specialty medium roasts with a tumbler. Now for those descriptions (is your mouth watering yet?):

Black Candy: a note of cocoa, clove, and dark candy offering a strong flavor of blackberry, a syrupy yet soft texture, and a candied fruit and vanilla finish.

Jingle Blend Medium Roast: notes of cocoa and raspberry with a hint of vanilla, and an undertone of toffee offering a candied spice flavor and a complex fruit finish. 

Price: $69.95

Either one of these boxes would be perfect to make a coffee drinker's holiday better. They'll be available in stores from Nov 1st to Dec 31st while quantities last so grab yours quick!

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