Milano Roasters New Black Series

Photo by: @milanoroasters

Let me guess, you're one of those people that think a dark roast is meant to taste burnt, chalky, and just overall unpleasant or you're one of those people that love that burnt taste and are absolutely insulted that I disrespected your coffee taste. Well if you're the former then you would have been right up until now (if you're the ladder then I am truly sorry for insulting you and your poor choices in coffee). 

Milano Roasters, in Vancouver, Canada, have found a way to bring out the best flavors that you would normally find in a dark roast but have managed to cut out all the unpleasant burnt aftertaste. They call it their Black Series and everyone in the coffee community is raving about it, including myself which is why I'm writing an article about it.

Photo by: @milanoroasters

The Black Series was established to combat the idea that a dark roast needs to taste burnt. Brian, the head roaster and co-owner of Milano Roasters has worked tirelessly to ensure that the coffee they serve is up to the highest quality. This standard holds true when it comes to their Black Series. This series includes: Black Beauty, Black Jam, Black Lili, Black Candy, Sweet Black and Perfume Noir which are all available for purchase at any of the Milano locations.

I had the privilege to try the Black Jam, and let me tell you...I nearly shed a tear. This dark roast has a strong jamlike flavor of blackbderry, with lush notes of caramel and a subtle undertone of burnt sugar. This all allowed for a sweet flavor, a full body, and a smooth yet complex finish.

I didn't want to put the cup down, but sadly I had to when I finished the coffee. If you enjoy dark roasts or just want to try what a dark roast SHOULD taste like definitely head over to any Milano roasters location and try their Black Series out.

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Brian Turko

We Are TASTING’ the same thing Alfred!!! Thank you for your acknowledgement..I was drinking the last pound of black Lili, as my Micro-batch roaster has been down, getting fixed over the last while, so I learned something amazing series maximized taste time is a month..and in my research I leave the bag open..I love espresso but creating the ‘black series’ as a Pacific Northwest Guy ..(espresso/French roast) is a highlight in my coffee loving, career/life!! 8-20 ultra premium single origin coffee blended for 5-6 compositions dark roast’ is a first for me and millions of simply hasn’t happened before to this degree of selection &$ quality excellence..drinking these coffees would be an education of positive coffee gastronomy in itself, the flavours & coffee elemental structures are in ‘yo face’!!! when I get my small roaster fixed ..I’ll proceed to roast and blend ‘midnite’ our big wow espresso ( 20 different$$$ single origins:) adjusted to prevail the ultimate dark roast for you to sample..Cheers Alfred!!

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