Jack's Stir Brew

The Company

Jack's Stir Brew is a coffee company from New York City. They were established in 2003 and did all they could to focus on serving ethically sourced organic, shade-grown coffee. Jack (the founder) made sure that he could work directly with the farmers that grow the coffee that Jack's serves. This allowed him to ensure that the coffee he was providing to his customers were of a standard that he could proud of.

Now Jack's Stir Brew serves the people of New York City with locations across Manhattan and Eastern Long Island and has been established as a community staple.

The Coffee

I was able to try the Stir Brew Roast from Jack's. The coffee came in a tin which, once opened, engulfed the room in an aroma of roasted coffee that you couldn't help but enjoy. I used the Pour-over method to brew the coffee and upon tasting I sensed a subtle bitterness that was soon after replaced with a note of sweet chocolate. 

The Stir Brew Roast had a rich roasted flavor, offering a full body, earthy scent and a rich flavor that all allowed for a balanced cup of coffee that you could truly appreciate.

Rating: Fine

If you ever find yourself on West 10th Street, Downing Street, or Front Street in New York City please make sure you stop by Jack's Stir Brew and let them know that Alfred Drinking Coffee sent you. They'll probably ask you who or what is an "Alfred Drinking Coffee", but that's besides the point.


-Alfred Drinking Coffee

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