Iktsuarpok Coffee Stand

Iktsuarpok opened up very recently in Vancouver and has taken the coffee scene by storm. Everyone in the coffee community is talking about it and there's a few reasons for that and a few reasons why I had to go check it out for myself.

First and foremost, this is the first coffee stand of its kind in Vancouver. A walk up coffee shop. They have a window for you to make your order and you just grab your coffee and head on with your day. It's such an intriguing concept because the coffee culture here is mixed on the idea of truly sitting and enjoying your coffee in a quiet and relaxing coffee shop or you have those that want speedy service and don't want to wait around for an amazing cup of coffee. This concept kind of gives you a balance of both, with its exemplary coffee you know you're gonna get a delicious tasting coffee, but despite the "take it and go" concept, the owners are still there to provide some amazing service and great conversation while you wait. You truly get some incredible service out of these two.

Now let's talk the selection. They use Moving Coffee Roasters as their coffee of choice which is in my opinion, an amazing decision on their part. They have 4 items to pick from: Black, White, Green, and Matcha. A simple and easy menu to pick from which is great when you want your coffee to go.

Their Black is an Americano and let me tell you...wow just wow. A astonishingly perfect pull of espresso and they do the Americano a little bit differently and somehow pull the espresso shot AND the hot water at the same time to ensure perfect infusion of the Americano. It was so creamy from start to finish. 

Their White is a flat white, and they offer grass fed milk (gives a bit more flavor) or you can get Minor Figures oat milk. Let me just say one thing, I am a black coffee drinker through and through but this oat milk is a game changer. I was not upset trying their flat white with oat milk and by not upset I mean I nearly shed a tear. This is a must try if you've never had a flat white and if you've never had oat milk, because Iktsu makes it right.

Their Green is a matcha latte which is not your typical matcha latte. Why isn't it typical? Because Iktsu chooses to use only high end superior matcha. You've never had matcha like this (unless you have then I'm sorry for calling you out like that). The Matcha is of course just straight matcha with the same high end matcha.

The one thing that I saw throughout the entire visit to Iktsuarpok is high quality. High quality beans, high quality milk, high quality espresso pulling, and high quality service. There is a reason everyone is talking about this place and there's a reason people will be talking about it for years to come. One of the coolest concepts and greatest coffees I've had in years and that's saying a lot because I've had some amazing coffees. 

This is a must try if you're from Vancouver or if you're just visiting. Trust me on this, you will not regret it.

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