How to Stay Caffeinated Throughout Self Isolation

As we are all entering into roughly the third week of self isolation I thought it could be a good idea to give you some tips and pointers to stay caffeinated. This is mainly for those of you that only really get their coffee fix from local coffee shops, the big chains. For those of you that already make coffee at home this may not affect you, but read on anyway because you're supporting me so thanks in advance.

Ok, so you've gone your entire adult life starting the day by going to the local coffee shop down the street before heading to work. For some of you it was Starbucks, for others it was JJ bean, Nemesis, Prado, Hale Coffee, Monogram, Transcend, or what have you. Well it doesn't look like you'll be able to get back into that routine any time soon so you might as well start to learn how to make a cup of coffee. 

I have some brew methods available already on the site like brewing with a French press, a Pour over, making cold brew at home, and even how to make turkish coffee, but they all start with one major factor...picking your beans.

Unless you're like myself or the Vancouver Coffee Snob, you might not have pounds and pounds of coffee readily available from different roasters, so you might be looking to buy some new bags of coffee. The one key suggestion I have for you right now is try to support local. Local shops, whether it's mom and pop grocery stores, small time restaurants, as well as small local coffee shops, they are all struggling to stay afloat right now without having hundreds of people walking through their doors every day, so it's our turn to try to support them as much as possible. 

How can you support them, you may be asking? By buying a bag of coffee from their site, or if they are offering pick up service then go for a quick walk (as long as it's safe for you) and pick up your coffee. So who is currently still selling online? Here is a list for you, but before I give you the list I just wanted to note that as extensive as this list will be it is not going to have ALL the coffee shops near you, so obviously do your research, look up your local coffee shop and support them.


I was going to give you a full list of all the Coffee Shops across Canada that are available for online shopping, Local pick-up, allows for delivery, or offers take out at the store; however, the AMAZING Britanny Davies from black.and.denim built a site that is super easy to use and has a FULL list to help you. 

It is and is super easy to use. Check it out and share it!

Let's support the community and together we will get through this and be a bit more caffeinated in the process!

Alfred Drinking Coffee


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