How To Keep a Routine During Self Isolation

If you have been self isolating for the last few weeks, you might agree that it is pretty difficult to stay motivated, to deal with the boredom/exhaustion of sitting at home all day. Well, if you're anything like me, you need a solid routine to keep you going because without structure in my life I get lazy and I know the self isolation will get to me. I thought it would be good to go through my Daily Routine to maybe give you some ideas!

Step 1: Get ready for the day

So I am not a morning person AT ALL. Anyone that knows me personally knows that I do not function mentally before like 9-10am and even then you're lucky if you get a cohesive sentence out of me. I'm out and about by 6 am usually (under non isolation circumstances) so you figure out how I function, because I haven't yet! 

Anyways, During Quarantine/self isolation I try to get up around 8-8:30 and get ready. Around 8:50 I make my first cup of coffee. I have a pour over, a french press, an espresso machine, a Nespresso machine, and a Cevze (to make turkish coffee) so basically anything you could need to make coffee. I decide what method I'll make for the morning, and pick my favorite beans or the beans I'm craving for that day and enjoy brewing my coffee. Usually play some relaxing or upbeat music to start the day. Just whatever my vibe is that day. 

I intermittent fast so I don't have breakfast, so coffee is all I need in the morning, but if you want to throw in some breakfast plan accordingly!

Step 2: Work until lunch

By 9am I start working. I treat it like a normal working day and just do my work sitting at my desk. Take breaks when I need but usually I try to time my lunch around 12-1pm. But obviously to get to lunch I'll need a second coffee so that leads us to...

Step 3: Coffee #2

Around 10-11am I'll make another coffee. This is usually a french press cause its quicker and easier to make and get back to work. Sometimes I use the same beans as before, but if I want to change it up I will because what's life without a little bit of change right?

Step 4: Lunch

No point in walking you through the hour or so before lunch so lets go straight to lunch. It's really important to take breaks mentally. So try to disconnect, even if its for 15-30 mins. I'll make some food (I live with my parents so I'll make them food too because I'm just such a great son) and I'll watch something on Disneyplus, netflix, or amazon prime. I've been rewatching the Simpsons because it's the greatest show and always good for a laugh. 

Step 5: Coffee #3

Feel free to skip this step if you are already too caffeinated for the day, but for people like me that have major life issues a 3rd coffee is necessary. Again, just pick a good coffee and whatever method I feel like making and then I'm back to work.

Step 6: Try to Finish work at a reasonable time

I work in Accounting, and the reality is if I want I could sit there working for 16+ hours non stop, everyday, 7 days a week. To ensure that my mind doesn't turn to mush I try to stop working at a specific time every day, usually its around 6pm (but of course some days I'll work until 8-10pm depending on necessity). The days I stop working at 6pm I usually take a 2 hour break and get back to work for the rest of the night; however, I do not suggest that. For YOU I suggest that you try to stop working at 6pm latest. Gives you a break from work and breaks up your day nicely. Of course this is if you can stop working at 6pm. 

Step 7 and Step 8: Workout and Make Dinner

The reason I put these together is because they're interchangeable for me. I'll either finish work and start working out at home or make dinner and then workout a little bit after. 

For my workout, I have weights at home so I do a mix of body weight exercises (squats, pushups, ab workouts, lunges, tricep dips, etc.) and use my free weights for other workouts. Do what works for you but the whole point of this is to keep you active while staying home. 

After that, I make dinner. I've been trying to eat healthy during this period because my closest friends know if I have a bag of chips in front of me I'll just devour those instead of having a proper meal...or maybe do both but the chips would take precedence every time! So the goal for me was to make sure the house has healthy snacks and healthy food. So anyways, I'll make dinner, eat while reading something (currently re-reading Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere....such a good book, definitely recommend). 

Step 9: Some Family Time While Answering Emails

I know multi-tasking isn't really a thing, but I try to take advantage of the time I have with my parents, so hang out with them and respond to emails that I didn't get a chance to respond to during the working day.

Step 10: Weekends

So for myself, on top of my full time job I have an Accounting Consulting Business (Zagloul Consulting) that I run as well as Alfred Drinking Coffee, so I work all day Saturday and half of Sunday on my consulting work for my clients. Same basic routine as my weekdays. 

Random Tasks/Meetings

So sometimes I have to take client meetings for ADC or for my Consulting Meetings so usually those are scheduled at night during weekdays as well. All about balance and for me I live off my Google Calendar's so try to organize my time. 

Basically, that is my daily routine throughout this self isolation. Now you don't have to follow this to the T and you don't have to follow it at all if you don't want to. Find something that works for you, but I just felt like a productive routine helps during self isolation so just thought this may help you. But who knows, maybe I just wasted 10 minutes of your day!

Stay Safe, Stay Indoors, and lets Flatten the Curve together!

Alfred Drinking Coffee

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