Hopwired festival

Today is the day! The long awaited Hopwired Festival is ready to go and everyone is here, excited to drink some coffee, drink some beer, or the multiple combinations of the two and just have a good time. 

If you're heading there this morning here is what you need to know and do:

1. Visit the Espressotec unlimited espresso bar. Seriously get as much espresso as you possibly can because this is guaranteed to be a fun event and you need to be alert and awake.

2. Snack on some delicious Cartems donuts to keep you fueled throughout the day.

3. Stay hydrated at the Element H2o hydration station because we all know you'll need to balance out the beer and coffee with some H2O.

4. Just have a blast and enjoy the festivities.

There are going to be tons of different breweries to try from, a whole bunch of coffee Roasters to try from, and you'll get to vote on who your favorites are so make sure you're fair and try them all (responsibly of course). 

So what should be your game plan?

Honestly, I'm overwhelmed just reading the lineup, and I drink coffee for a living so the important thing is pacing yourself. Don't go drinking 12 espresso shots in 30 minutes because you might not survive the rest of the day, so balance here is key. Grab a coffee, then grab a beer, maybe a second beer, then go for that second coffee. Continue in that order til you think you've had enough (seriously please drink responsibly). 

I'll be walking around so feel free to say hi, take a picture with me, or just make fun of me, whatever you feel like doing at the time. 

Happy Coffee and Beer Drinking

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