Honey and Lavender Never Tasted So Good

Starbucks has launched a the Iced Honeycomb Lavender Latte and everyone’s a ‘buzz’ (cause it’s got honey and it’s caffeinated. Double pun!). Let me break this drink down for you sip by sip:

1. A sip of cold foam and honey that’s smooth, refreshing, and sweet because what else would you want?

2. Next sip is the combination of milk, Starbucks signature Blonde espresso, and the honeycomb lavender syrup, which all together provides a sweet yet subtle flavour and no one flavour masking the other. Just perfectly balanced.

3. Repeat step 1 and 2 until the drink is done and then go order yourself another one.

It’s one of those sweet iced drinks that aren’t overly sweet so you can enjoy it all throughout summer without feeling bad. If you want to go all out you can even order it as a Frappuccino, because why not?

Pair the Iced Honeycomb Lavender Latte with the new Honey Almond Bar and just love your best life.

Summer is basically here so get a head start and walk on over to your local Starbucks to try out this beauty of a drink!

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